Sony Places an Important Chip on Its 4K Bet

Sony — and every division at Sony – from movie making to camera making is committed to leadership in every aspect of 4K. Sony wants to be the leader in all the 4K markets; something it failed to do in the Web world, and use 4K to pull it out of its financial doldrums.

A main piece of the 4K market for Sony is TV sets. To sell those it needs must see 4K content and a way to deliver it to those TV sets. To that end, it has announced details of its FMP-X1 4K player, which comes with ten 4K movies and some video shorts pre-installed. The player is capable of receiving more 4K content via the Net.

There’s a video at:

– It’s a streaming/storage server that works with only one TV. It is not a whole-home 4K player.

The FMP-X1 will retail for $699 when it becomes available late spring/summer and that includes the 10 pre-loaded films.

Users will be able to download future 4K titles from Sony’s PS network as they become available. The network will reportedly be available this fall.

– The FMP-X1 player and online 4K service shows that Sony, the main instigator of Blu-ray, intends to deliver 4K content over the Net, not via a physical disc. It may also confirm reports that we have previously published that Blu-ray will not be upgraded to 4K. However, makers of Blu-ray players will add the ability to upscale Blu-ray resolution to 4K. At CES the results were more than satisfactory with highly skilled technicians on hand to fine tune the software. Those techs won’t be included in the price of upscale-capable Blu-ray players.

Connected to a PlayStation, the new Sony TV sets can simultaneously display two views of the same game such as car 1 and car 2 in a race against each other. Glasses are required for that.


Sony 4K fmp-x1


The FMP-X1 will only work with Sony’s UltraHD/4K TV sets


Caveat Emptor!

There are several “buyer bewares” for early purchasers of 4K TV sets, but that never seems to slow the early adopters.

The 4K standard is not …

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