Sony Launches Major 4K Marketing Campaign

Sony is ramping up its efforts to be the king of 4K with a recently launched market effort that’s anchored by video from Garth Davis, who recently co-directed the miniseries “Top of the Lake.”

Davis said that after seeing the picture quality on Sony 4K Ultra HD TV at the Sundance Film Festival, he was inspired to make a 4K film. He worked with the Academy Award winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda, who used Sony’s 4K F65 and F55 professional cameras.

Sony plans to use the videos in retail stores to demonstrate its 4K TVs.

Davis said, “The Sony 4K Ultra HD TV really is a new way of looking at things, a new visual language. There is so much detail, it’s almost like you can walk into the picture. One of the things unique to the TV is color. And the story we’ve been creating for this project is about celebrating color in lots of ways. With Sony 4K we are working at the highest end of technology and creativity.”

Miranda said, “You can extract more information and show what you may not have seen before on a TV. Working with Sony 4K truly opens up the possibilities.”

A copy of the TV commercial for the marketing campaign is at: — not in 4K, of course. Sony will also run ads online and in print plus provide retail point-of-purchase and interactive displays. The full-blown campaign will also make appearances in social networks, email, direct mail and freestanding inserts.

Patrick Bewley, Sony VP of brand experience and visual design, said, “It’s the highest resolution, most immersive experience Sony has ever created, and in order to experience it, you must see it in person to believe it.”

Sony 4K TVs are on display in Sony stores and Best Buys that have a Magnolia home theater section.

Sony said the campaign would last for a year and feature others who have been inspired by Sony’s 4K technology.

Sony keeps assuring everyone that there will be an ample supply of 4K content to drive sales of 4K sets. To that end, every Sony 4K set comes with ten 4K films plus some other 4K videos. A $699 Sony FMP-X1 Ultra HD player that holds the films is due out this summer according to Sony. It can also be connected to the Net (Wi-Fi is built in) to receive more 4K content from the Sony Entertainment Network.

There won’t be a 4K….

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