Vidmind Enables Anyone to Become Virtual MSO

Israel-based Vidmind is a software company that offers a white label OTT service platform for anyone looking to get into the content service business. It offers a cloud-based video management and delivery platform that enables companies to become virtual content service providers.

“The video delivery game plan is rapidly changing, and being first, or at least fast to market with video services is key,” Shanie Weissman, marketing manager of Vidmind, told The Online Reporter. “From content ingestion to service delivery and enrichment, Vidmind gives companies the backbone to get into the TV business fast and risk-free.”

As demand for OTT video has steadily risen, a wide spectrum of business are being drawn to content services – take for example this week’s revelation that Target is testing an OTT service to rival Walmart’s Vudu service, or the perpetual rumors about Intel’s impending virtual pay TV offering.

Weissman said the Vidmind platform was geared toward:

-Mobile or Internet operators that wish to expand to pay TV

-Retail networks that are planning to switch to digital sales instead of declining business of DVD & Blu-ray

-Broadcasters and content providers looking to offer direct-to-consumer services

-Fiber network operators or other broadband providers that are interested in pay TV

Delivering TV Through the Cloud Now Possible

Vidmind’s platform sews together the best of the two entertainment delivery worlds: Linear TV and over the top TV. It includes …


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