ActiveVideo Delivers Modern UIs to Old STBs

-Unlocks User Interface from Device Dependency

Charter, Cablevision and Japan’s Sumitomo Are First Customers

ActiveVideo has announced new features for its CloudTV platform that enables pay TV operators a fast and cost-effective method for delivering what it calls next gen user interfaces using the cloud.

“Users are expecting some advanced navigation and electronic programming guide capabilities to help them find content, navigate content, and make it easy for them 0 0to search and get recommendations,” Murali Nemani, SVP and chief marketing officer, told The Online Reporter. “The pay TV operators are realizing this.”

Pay TV operators have been trying for a few years to deliver a slick Apple or Netflix-like experience to subscribers. Online service user interfaces such as Hulu or Netflix, and EPG apps for tablets and smartphones look so nice because they have a lot of processing power with which to work. “These advanced UIs, they’re usually built in HTML5 or some Web based protocols and standards,” Nemani said.

“The problem is you need a browser technology to render it,” he said. “Many of these set tops were built pre-browser technology, they were built with a very different level of CPU processing capability.”

There hasn’t been much improvement on the 1980s-style EPG because it would require a massive infrastructure upgrade. “If you wanted to deliver an advanced navigation paradigm that was built for a PC browser, how are these boxes going to show that experience?” he said. “Replace all the set tops?”

Nemani said a cloud-based approach solves many obstacles presented and can deliver modern UIs very quickly, and cost-effectively, without the need to replace the STB. The platform includes applications for live TV EPGs, VoD services and the DVR


CloudTV Delivers Modern UIs to Old STBs


Device fragmentation across subscriber households has become an issue for pay TV providers. Subscribers can have one of many different receiving devices – whether it be an old STB, a new STB or a connected TV.

ActiveVideo’s CloudTV platform essentially eliminates those functional differences in order to deliver a consistent and modern user interface to all subscribers. “That is the big breakthrough of what Active Video does,” Nemani said. “It unlocks the user interface from device dependencies and pushes it into the cloud.”

By moving the interface to the cloud, the pay TV operator won’t have to worry about native app development for an array of devices – “irrespective of the device capabilities, whether it’s a ten year old set top, which has very little processing power, or whether it’s a brand new device, or a connected device that has a very different implementation of a browser-rendering engine,” Nemani said.

He said the CloudTV platform emphasizes security and predictability at scale. “At scale is an important language here,” Nemani said. “In OTT, you can have issues, latency issues and scalability challenges, and ultimately people are a lot more forgiving.”

When subscribers are paying $100 or more per month for pay TV, they can be much less forgiving. “You want to be able to deliver it to 25 million subscribers,” he said, without any issues.

ActiveVideo’s CloudTV platform makes these promises: …


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