The Matter Boils Up Again

HomeGrid Members Plan to Get & HPNA Included in P1905.1 Spec

Subscribers to The Online Reporter will remember our extensive coverage of how was excluded from the IEEE’s P1905.1 standard. Qualcomm Atheros (HomePlug and Wi-Fi chips), Broadcom (MoCA, HomePlug and Wi-Fi chips) and other P1905.1 members voted to exclude on the basis that at the time no products were installed — it was only a gleam in the eye. backers responded by saying that would eventually be part of the P1905.1 spec. Now they also say that they will get HomePNA included.

P1905.1 is being developed under the auspices of the IEEE as an industry called “Standard for a Convergent Digital Home Network for Heterogeneous Technologies,” which is intended make it easier for service providers and consumers to install, synch and use devices connected to home networks with different technologies. The technologies currently included are HomePlug, MoCA, Wi-Fi and wireline Ethernet. and HPNA are not.

John Egan, HomeGrid Forum president and an executive at Marvell ( and Wi-Fi chips) said this week that chipmakers in the HomeGrid Forum intend to get both and HomePNA added to the P1905.1 spec in a very legitimate way. They are developing a draft P1905.1 specification that includes and HPNA, both of which are targeted at the world’s telcos.

In its current specification, the P1905.1 committee had also excluded HPNA, which is in some 40 million installed devices, but gave no reason. Upcoming versions of MoCA and HomePlug were also excluded because they had not been shipped.

The P1905.1 implementation for will …


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