LG Announces 4K Set Top Box at Cable Show

LG raised some eyebrows with its 4K media player at The Cable Show. LG made its first appearance at the show this year to showcase its new line of set top boxes and smart TV adapters and cast itself as a cable TV industry player.

Kurt Hoppe, director of new business and innovation, told The Online Reporter the 4K box can store and deliver 4K content to a 4K TV set. LG is calling it an STB because it will, eventually, deliver live linear 4K content a year down the line. Right now, it’s more like a 4K server and media player. It’s IP connected and has a hard drive.

“Most networks are slow enough now that you will need to plan a bit to get the content loaded,” Hoppe said.

We asked him how long “a bit” would be. “If you have a good Internet connection, it should be a few minutes,” so then we asked what “a good Internet connection” meant. There seemed to be some debate as to whether that meant 45 Mbps or 60 Mbps.

“We’re meeting with cable companies to say ‘When your network is ready, we have this,’” Hoppe said. LG already has 4K TV sets in stores. “We can put Ultra High Def VoD on this today, from different sources. As soon as the networks are ready, we can get live TV on it, and that will be a couple years.”

Hoppe also mentioned two new ….

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