A&E’s Raven: No Tablet Monetization without Ratings

A&E Chairman Abbe Raven told The Online Reporter networks won’t be able to realize monetization opportunities from multi-screen offerings until they have access to ratings data. “We don’t see it [monetization] yet,” she said. “There’s no ratings, we don’t have enough data, so advertisers aren’t putting their advertising out there, because they don’t know how [effective it is].”

“Until we get the real data, it will be tough to monetize,” she said.

Raven said A&E is interested in delivering TV Everywhere experiences to their viewers. “We’ve launched watch apps with other networks that are already out there with several providers,” she said. “As multiple new devices emerge and we see people using them, we’ll make sure programming is available on those screens.”

And as any good pay TV exec would say, Raven emphasized that TV is still king. “We do believe that television is …

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