Netgear Selects Entropic’s MoCA 2.0 Chips for New Wi-Fi Extender

Products with Entropic’s coax-based MoCA 2.0 chips are beginning to appear. The latest is Netgear’s WM2500RP MoCA-to-Wi-Fi extender. It is designed to be used where MoCA is the home network backbone and dual band Wi-Fi is used to connect portable and fixed Wi-Fi-equipped devices such as smart TVs and Blu-ray players. It also has a Gigabit Ethernet port so devices can be directly plugged in with an Ethernet cable.

MoCA-based Wi-Fi extenders increase the size of the area where a robust Wi-Fi connection is available. They eliminate dead spots that are prevalent in many homes due to walls and other impediments to wireless signals.

Netgears’s MoCA-to-Wi-Fi extender uses Entropic’s EN2710 MoCA 2.0 silicon and software, which Entropic called “the industry’s most mature MoCA 2.0 solution,” no doubt a dig at Broadcom’s MoCA 2.0 chips.

Entropic says its MoCA 2.0 chips are capable of more than 400 Mbps of usable MAC (Medium Access Control) throughput. Even though 4K content is not currently available, pay TV services are future-proofing their home networks by making sure there is sufficient speed for 4K and other such bandwidth-hungry applications. Also creating demand for in-home bandwidth are the increasing number of tablets and smartphones, which are often used for receiving streams of HD videos from OTT services and also pay TV services.

For some reason Netgear did not put the 11ac version of Wi-Fi in the adapter so it is, at least at this point, 11n Wi-Fi only. Perhaps the faster 11ac …

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