In This Week’s Edition — August 16th, 2013

Apple Matches up Well with Matcha
– A Vital Part of the UI for Apple TV or an Apple TV Set

Without any announcement, Apple acquired Matcha sometime in the last few months, probably in May when the app became unworkable. Matcha kept track of content at the most popular OTT Web sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple’s iTunes plus pay TV networks. Users of the service could also receive recommendations.

If Apple integrates Matcha search into its Apple TV box, it now has something the other media players haven’t done very well — a search function that searches across multiple OTT services… Full story here.


Viggle Unites Second Screen Apps with ‘Audience Network’
-And Still Experiencing Exponential Growth in Users

Viggle, the free second screen app that offers real-world rewards to users who tune in to broadcast TV, has emerged from the last 18 months as one of the strongest second screen app offerings.

This week, flexing its advertising prowess, Viggle announced the Viggle Audience Network, along with three partners: Boxfish, BuddyTV and Dijit’s NextGuide.

The Viggle Audience Network essentially creates an ad bridge that enables advertisers to reach a wider second screen-using audience. “The second screen marketplace is fragmented,” Kevin Arrix, chief revenue officer at Viggle, told The Online Reporter… Full story here.


Odemax Demos 4K Streaming to the Home
– Uses Redray Player to Receive, Decompress & Play
– Head-to-Head against Sony 4K Player

Here comes the 4K content!

Odemax has demonstrated its upcoming 4K OTT service by streaming some independent films to Red Digital Cinema’s Redray Player, which can support 4K, 1080p and 720p TV sets.

A major difference compared to Sony’s FMP-X1 4K media player is that the Redray Player works with any manufacturer’s TV set. Sony’s works only with Sony’s 4K TV sets. However, the Redray player sells for $1,750 and the Sony 4K player is $700. The $1,000 difference may not make much of a difference to early purchasers of 4K sets — what’s a thousand dollars when you’re paying $5,000 and more for the TV set?

The biggest differentiator is content. Sony has access to the entire library at Sony Pictures and has the money, influence and contacts to buy from the other studios… Subscribe for the full story.


Netflix & YouTube Nominations Prove Times Are Changing at Emmys

There are two striking developments in the upcoming Emmy awards shows that underscore perceptions are changing around original online video, both in content and platform.

1. Personalized recommendations matter.
2. The “Web” distinction doesn’t matter

The Academy has subtly folded in OTT services and technologies into its award system for a few years. In fact, the Academy changed the rules about submitting Web series for consideration for award a few years ago… Subscribe for the full story.


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