In This Week’s Edition — September 20, 2013

Vimond Offers OTT Solutions to Broadcasters and Operators
-Now Offering OTT Feature a La Carte
-Expanding to North America, Too

Vimond is an online video platform (OVP) designed specifically for broadcasters looking to get into the OTT space. The Norway-based company launched in 2011, just ahead of the race for broadcasters to get online.
“The OVP space is actually quite heated, there are a lot of different platforms and a lot of different solutions out there,” Miguel Silva, EVP of sales at Vimond, told The Online Reporter. Vimond is currently powering OTT services for four operators in the Nordic region… Full story here.


‘4K’ Blu-ray Disc Making Gear Announced by Singulus Technologies
– Holds 100GBs instead of Blu-ray’s 25-50GBs
– Does This Mean It’s ‘4K for Christmas 2012’?

Which comes first? The 4K Blu-ray player or the 4K Blu-ray disc?
Germany-based Singulus Technologies, which makes equipment that produces and replicates all sorts of optical discs, last week announced a product called Bluline III that can produce triple-layer Blu-ray discs that are capable of holding an entire 4K movie. Blu-ray discs from Bluline III can hold up too 100GBs rather than the 25-50GBs that current Blu-ray discs hold. Singulus is clear that it’s aiming the product at the 4K market by saying, “The triple-layer Blu-ray discs with 100GB storage capacity is the preferred playback medium for the new 4K technolog… Full story here.


 Opera’s App Store Is a Hegemon among Smart TVs
-Available across 9 Device Brands
-Over 250 Content Partners

Norway-based browser company Opera has made significant in-roads in the smart TV space over the past year and a half with its Opera TV Store for video apps. The digital store is an HTML-based service that offers video apps from content owners and publishers.

Daniel Nordberg, director of business development of TV and devices, told The Online Reporter the Opera TV Store is the fastest growing smart TV app store… Subscribe for the full story.

DIAL Beaming Technology Will Take over the Living Room

It’s another indication that tablet-based navigation and control of the TV set is the future. A diverse group of device makers are incorporating DIAL protocol support into their living room devices, meaning that soon viewers will be able to “sling” “cast” or “beam” content from a tablet or smartphone to the TV screen on a much wider array of devices.

Roku’s CEO Anthony Wood announced at the Next TV Summit that it will be joining Chromecast and Airplay as a tablet- controlled net-top box by adding DIAL protocol support… Subscribe for the full story.


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