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Original Web Content Gets More Investment, Increased Interest and an Emmy

Originally-produced Web content received more accolades and affirmation last week, further underlining its importance for OTT players. Netflix, Hulu and Microsoft announced increased investment in and focus on original Web content. Amazon announced its Web series “Alpha House” was adding three new and high profile comedian actors. The Netflix Web series “House of Cards” director David Fincher won an Emmy for best director.

Mobile viewing of long-form videos continues to grow rapidly
Viewers are watching more and more TV shows and movies via apps on tablets, smartphones and connected TVs. Ooyala released a report that indicated viewing long-form content on tablets, smartphones and connected TVs is growing at a very quick pace, prompting the company to declare “Primetime moves online.” Nielsen finally publicly recognized online streaming video as a force to be dealt with, and is slated to announce sometime this week its plans to incorporate mobile audience measurements into its “cross-platform” ratings system by fall 2014. BT has called on BARB to take similar action for BT’s mobile apps

The tablet will become the TV remote
A surge in tablet-based navigation in the living room is coming, as Roku, Sony, Vizio, LG, Panasonic and TiVo will all support DIAL protocol in the coming months joining Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s Airplay in the tablet navigation club. Is Winning the Powerline Network War is winning all the announced powerline networking deals, which are still only at telcos and none at any of the cable or satellite TV operators, most recently at Portugal Telecom following wins at China Telecom, China Unicom, Chunghwa Telecom and Telefonica (which operates in 17 countries). It has wins in both Europe and Asia but so far none in the US or Canada. AT&T has said it’s evaluating

But 11ac May Get There First
11ac is quickly becoming a favored, but not yet THE favored, technology, for streaming pay TV and OTT throughout the home. Australia’s iiNet with Celeno’s 11ac chips follows AT&T’s selection of ARRIS boxes with Quantenna’s 11ac chips.

4K Gaining Momentum
There is a probability that 4K-capable Blu-ray players will be available by the holiday shopping season. Final specifications seem near with Singulus Technologies announcing it has equipment that will produce 4K discs. Broadcom has HEVC compression/decompression chips ready. Four satellite TV companies demonstrated live 4K transmissions at IBC.

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