In This Week’s Edition — September 27, 2013


The Battle for Streaming Rights Heats Up in US

-Netflix Flexes Its Streaming License Arms against Pay TV Providers

-Content Owners Find Themselves between Rock and Hard Place

 OTT services and pay TV providers are engaged in a high stakes, zero sum game with content owners for digital rights, which have become a coveted asset for any entertainment service providers.

The problem is that neither pay TV providers nor Netflix want to share those streaming rights, while content owners are simply looking to make as much money as possible shopping content around to many sources… Full story here.


Analysis: 4 Takeaways from Netflix at the Emmys

-No More Doubts about Original Content ‘Paying Off’

-On-Demand Viewing a Must for Linear TV

-Expect More Big Names and Big Budgets in Online Video


After receiving 14 nominations, Netflix walked away from the 65th Annual Emmy Primetime award ceremony with a handful of awards, newfound gravitas and a whole lot of positive momentum moving forward. There are four important lessons to be learned from the Emmys this year, and how Netflix fit into the awards ceremony.

 The Gamble Did Pay Off

First, and most obviously, Netflix made the correct decision in investing in original content, it made the correct decision in the type of content it chose to invest in and it made the right decision by sticking to its characteristic “all at once” model for release… Full story here.


What Will Xbox TV Look Like?

-Sports, Video Gaming TV and Children’s Shows

 So far, we know more about the content features of Microsoft’s new game console, Xbox One, than we know about the games that will be released with it. Even at the Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft couldn’t help but boast about Xbox One’s future content releases. Phil Spencer tantalized speculators last week when he mentioned the company is working on “hundred[s] of TV ideas,” in an interview during the show.

But what would a successful content strategy look like for a game console, and for Microsoft?

 Enhanced and Interactive Sports Content

Acquiring licenses for and distributing sports content is the easiest and most effective way for Microsoft to offer compelling, exclusive programming to its Xbox Live subscribers. Microsoft knows that sports is its best bet, that’s why the very first Xbox One commercial released showcased the deal Microsoft has signed with the NFL… Subscribe for the full story.


Tesco Launches Its Own £119 ($190) Hudl Tablet

– Will Other Large Retailers Follow Amazon and Tesco?

Sell the razor at cost and make money off the blades.

If Amazon can do it, so can Tesco — make and sell its own tablet that is. And if Tesco can, so could Walmart, Best Buy, Dixon’s or any other major retailer. Is it likely that retailers will become so taken by selling books, movies and TV shows that, as Amazon has done again this week, they will sell their own brand of tablets at or even below cost? Amazon and Tesco aren’t doing it to make money on their tablets; they’re doing it to make money selling content. Both have also started their own OTT services. It’s a formula that should frighten others into accelerating their own content sales ventures — companies such as Apple, Google, makers of Android tablets that are trying to make money solely off their tablets, plus Microsoft and makers of Windows tablets.

 Tesco, the UK’s largest grocer and the world’s third largest, has launched its own tablet, a 7-inch budget-priced Hudl that is intended to help Tesco sell digital products and services, much as Amazon has been doing… Subscribe for the full story.



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