In This Week’s Edition — October 11, 2013


The DIY TV Era Has Arrived

Several different approaches are being used by technology companies to enter the pay TV market. Here’s what we think they are based on seeing a limited number of tea leaves.

Apple: It’s adding apps to the Apple TV net-top box, most recently Disney, the Weather Channel and HBO, that are in addition to OTT apps for Netflix, Hulu and its own iTunes. We expect it to continue doing that although at some point it will need to overhaul the Apple TV user interface because scrolling through multiple screens searching for an app will become a problem. By taking this approach, Apple is also laying the foundation for an Apple TV set that will almost certainly be a 4K set. However, it doesn’t need a TV set to keep adding apps to Apple TV… Full story here.


Four Approaches to the Second Screen Film App

Second screen apps for TV and second screen apps for movies fill completely different roles. Network apps and TV show apps have clear and precise purposes: to engage the multi-tasking viewer back with the first screen, to drive TV tune-in, and earn some extra money on advertising. The second screen film app serves only one simple purpose: give bonus content to the viewer.

While film apps haven’t quite caught on among studios or viewers, a spread of recently released second screen apps paired with feature-length films gives us a wide perspective on the different ways studios can take advantage of second screen apps with their films.

Here’s a look at a few of the recent second screen apps released with movies, and how they measure up against each other. Each app release offers a different approach to the second screen, and each is met with varying degrees of success… Full story here.


BT Takes the Lead in Broadband Delivered TV

BT is developing its hybrid linear/OTT pay TV service with a very different approach than what Intel is reportedly doing. BT started its BT Sport service with a bang — major sports events with 38 Premier League games that it took away from BSkyB. It added some less major sports such as other soccer matches, major rugby matches, women’s tennis, action from the UFC and Moto GP.

It has also added ESPN-like sports shows and documentaries with former athletes and personalities who gained their reputations at other networks. BT Sport offers three channels to new BT broadband subscribers and to existing ones that extend their contract for another 24 months. They can watch on their telly with a STB from BSkyB, YouView or Virgin Media.

You could say BT is using BT Sport to sell broadband subscriptions and it is. It may also be using it as a starting point for a full-blown linear/OTT pay TV service… Subscribe for the full story.


Magine’s Cloud TV Service Is a Hit in Europe

-Now Available on LG, Philips and Panasonic Smart TVs

-500,000 Subscribers in Sweden

Magine, the broadband-delivered pay TV service, has expanded its device reach to include three smart TV makers. Subscribers can now access the OTT service on LG, Panasonic and Philips smart TVs, in addition to Samsung smart TVs, and iOS devices.

Magine is the closest thing to a “cable killer” we’ve seen yet: It’s a pay TV service that is delivered exclusively over the Internet, it offers linear TV streaming and on-demand access to up to seven days of catch-up TV. Viewers that tune into a TV show after it has already begun can even rewind the show and watch it from the beginning. It’s available as an app across PCs, tablets and smartphones. The service is available in Sweden, and this year it launched beta versions of its service in Germany and Spain.

Magine has been able to negotiate a lot of programming deals with broadcasters and pay TV channels, which as we saw last week continues to be a stumbling block for would-be cable killers in the US…Subscribe for the full story.


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