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Here are the major takeaways from this week’s The Online Reporter:

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Online Videos Content Is Coming of Age

Amazon and other media companies are experimenting with darker topics and more sophisticated storytelling in drama in online video, thanks no doubt to Netflix’s successes “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.”

Competing Music Streaming Services Are Getting Creative

Rdio launched a free, ad-supported version of its service with ad-free streaming on mobile devices, in attempt to lure listeners away from Pandora, Spotify and Apple’s iTunes Radio. Meanwhile, Apple has plans to launch iTunes Radio in Australia and New Zealand, where it will compete with Pandora.

Net-Top Boxes Will Be Big This Holiday Shopping Season

This could prove to be the breakout year for streaming media players (net-top boxes), thanks to buzz around Google’s Chromecast, Apple’s now content-heavy Apple TV and Amazon’s impending net-top box launch – all big name, consumer tech brands, whose net-top boxes will become must-have devices among mainstream consumers, just as has happened with tablets.

Consumers Have Taken to DIY TV

Consumers have already taken to DIY TV with a daily mixture of pay TV, DVR and OTT. All the recently published stats show that viewing on connected TVs, smartphones and tablets is growing rapidly:
– 27% of TVs Will Be Connected by 2018
– 75% of 18-34 Year-Olds Watch OTT Videos
– Consumers Spend 5+ Hours in Front of a Non-TV Screen
– There will be 1.1 Video Capable Internet-Connected Devices per Person Globally by 2017

Competitors Get Ready for New iPad(s) with New Tablets & Lower Prices

Competitors to Apple’s iPad have been rolling out new tablets in anticipation of one, maybe two, new iPads that Apple will reportedly launch by month-end. Microsoft, Dell, LG, Amazon, Archos and others have launched new tablets in the last few weeks. Can Samsung be far behind?

Telcos Are Beginning to Deploy Vectoring in Big Numbers

Telcos are deploying vectoring broadband in large quantities. Lantiq says it has emerged as the early leader in selling VDSL vectoring chips.

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