In This Week’s Edition – October 17, 2013

thePlatform Says the Cloud Is Ready for Pay TV

-‘Time for a New TV Architecture’

-Virtual TV Framework Delivers Full Linear and VoD Services over the Internet

-Multi-screen Access to Content, Personalized Discovery, Across Devices

Comcast-owned video management technology company thePlatform announced an end-to-end open framework that enables pay TV operators to deliver a full linear pay TV service through the cloud.

The solution, called Virtual TV Framework, pairs thePlatform’s MPX video publishing system and open APIs with a number of content protection, advertising and multi-screen technologies from partners across the video ecosystem to deliver a secure and reliable cloud-based live linear pay TV service to connected devices.

thePlaftorm is known for its mpx video management solution. It has some of the largest content owners and pay TV providers among its client list, including NBCUniversal, A&E Networks, CBS, BT, Comcast, Liberty Global, Sky, Cox and Rogers.

thePlatform has worked with these clients in a variety of capacities in online video management, and the company now sees the stars aligning for a fully cloud-based pay TV service.

“We’ve had a whole bunch of things come together that really drives us to believe TV is ready for a new architecture,” Marty Roberts, SVP of sales and marketing at thePlatform, told The Online ReporterFull story here.


Renaming ‘Google TV’ as ‘Android TV’ Won’t Help It Succeed

– Google Didn’t Use Google TV in Its Chromecast Stick

– Sony Didn’t Say Its New Bravia Stick Is Based on Google TV

A rose is a rose by any other name and a failure is a failure by any other name.

Google is reportedly changing the name of its Google TV smart TV platform to Android TV, according to an unconfirmed report from GigaOm, which says it received confirmation from an unnamed executive at a CE maker. There is evidence to support the report:

– Google’s SVP for Android, Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai said in July that Google TV would continue as a “full-fledged Android for TV.”

– Google used the term “Android TV” for a developer conference in Korea that was called “Android TV Developer Day… Full story here.


Bring on the HD Video Streams!

– The Gateway of the Future: AVM’s FRITZ!Box 7490

– 150 Mbps Vectoring to the Home

– Simultaneous 1.3 Gbps & 450 Mbps Wi-Fi Networks within the Home

– Uses Lantiq’s Vectoring SoC Chip

The reason that we have been reporting for years about the importance of the developments of the 11ac version of Wi-Fi and the vectoring version of VDSL is because homes will have multiple devices capable of streaming HD videos from OTT services. AVM’s FRITZ!Box 7490 has both technologies in a box that consumers can easily install.

Makers of VDSL2 vectoring gear are reporting that network-vectoring products are selling well, better than expected in some cases, and that several telcos will announce by year-end the availability of vectoring to large numbers of their subscribers. The next big wave of vectoring gear coming to market will be vectoring-capable gateways for the home that will connect to those new 100+ Mbps vectoring broadband networks that telcos are about to announce. They’ll come with the 11ac version of Wi-Fi to provide wireless speeds up to 1.3 Gbps within the home… Subscribe for the full story.


Discovery Is King of Pay TV-Backed Web Series

-Launches Third Online Video Network

Discovery Communications has become king among pay TV channels of original online video. Discovery has already established two online video networks that supplement its pay TV channel: science-themed TestTube and Animal Planet Live. It has now launched a third online video site, focused on animal kingdom documentaries, called Animalist.

Discovery has taken an impressive approach to online video in its quest to build engaged audiences online. It has kept its online properties distinct from the pay TV fare, and supplemental to it. For example, Animal Planet Live’s site features a selection of live streams of animals such as Ospreys, puppies and snakes, paired with a live feed of comments and questions from viewers answered in real time by handlers. None of this content is available on the Animal Planet TV show, but the content complements the pay TV channel well… Subscribe for the full story.


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