In This Week’s Edition – November 8, 2013

Samba TV Takes Connected TVs by Storm

-Now on 30 Million Devices

-New Partnership with Sony

Samba TV, formerly Flingo, is a company that builds apps for connected TV platforms such as smart TVs, net-top boxes and other OTT devices. The company debuted its multi-screen interactive platform during CES earlier this year.

Samba TV develops connected TV apps for content providers. Its apps are on smart TV platforms such as Samsung, Hisense, Haier, LG, Insignia, Vizio; the list goes on and on.

“It’s nice to have a big platform like Sony on board,” Ashwin Navin, founder and CEO of Samba TV, told The Online Reporter… Full story here.


Apple Puts the ‘Radio’ Back in Internet Radio Service

-Stations Are Geared More Toward Studios, Less Toward Users

By Kendra Chamberlain

After acquiring a new iPad Air tablet, I was finally able to sit down with Apple’s new Internet radio service and see how it compares with Pandora, the market leader, and UK-based Spotify.

Here are my initial reactions:

-Beautiful interface: the service looks amazing on the tablet; it’s bright and colorful, with large album art. Pandora’s interface is less glitzy, and could use a revamp.

-Less control for the user: With iTunes’ Radio, the user isn’t able to fine-tune the station to his or her specific tastes, as he or she can with Pandora or Spotify. The feedback mechanisms and “tuning” options didn’t have much affect, it seemed to me, on what was played.

-Recommendations need work. iTunes’ recommendations reminded me of browsing the genre selections at a CD store – lots and lots of artists pulled together based on the lowest common denominator, “genre,” which meant you’d have to fish around to find something that interested you. The user also cannot add variety to iTunes’ stations, like one can with Pandora.

The overall experience seems more “out of the box” or more aptly, more like a terrestrial radio station and less like an Internet radio service that should be able to deliver a hyper-personalized listening experience, as Pandora and Spotify do… Full story here.


Verizon Launches Its Own Ellipsis Family of Tablets

– 7-inch HD Screen, Android, Dual Cameras, 4G LTE & Wi-Fi

– $149 with 2-year Contract; $249 without

If a general-purpose retailer can offer its own tablets, as Amazon, Tesco and Argos are, why shouldn’t a cellco? Verizon Wireless is. That practice could spread to cellcos worldwide.

Verizon Wireless (VW) this week showed its new Ellipsis 7 tablet and suggested there may be future Ellipsis products by saying, “the Ellipsis 7 is the first product from Verizon Wireless in the Ellipsis family.”

Verizon Wireless’ Ellipsis 7 Tablet

The Ellipsis 7 appears to be a standard tablet. It uses the Jelly Bean version of Android, not the newer KitKat. It has a fairly standard 7-inch 1,280 x 800 IPS HD screen, uses an ARM-based 1.2GHz quad-core processor, has 8GB of expandable storage and works on Wi-Fi or VW’s 4G LTE network.

It’s selling at $149 to customers that sign up for a two-year contract and $249 for non-contract customers…Subscribe for the full story.


iPad Air: Yes, It Is the Best Tablet on the Market

-Huge Improvement over Older iPads, Moderate Improvement over Newer iPads

-Won’t Dominate this Holiday Shopping Season

By Kendra Chamberlain

Apple’s newest iPad launch was deemed the quietest, but don’t let that fool you. Apple has released what is easily the best tablet anyone has seen yet.

That being said, what separates “the best tablet” and “the second best tablet” is becoming less and less. The iPad Air is “the best tablet” overall because of its robust app store and its place in the Apple ecosystem, in tandem with the specs, the resolution and the perk of being incredibly light and thin.

Its competitors – notably Amazon’s new Kindle Fires, Google’s popular Nexus tablets, Nokia’s Windows tablets, and whatever Samsung releases next – are already offering products that meet or beat Apple in one or more of these key features: resolution, processing power and importantly, price. Apple is offering the full package, and that’s the only reason the iPad Air is the best tablet…Subscribe for the full story.



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