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Here are the major takeaways from this week’s The Online Reporter:

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– BT has accomplished what once seemed impossible. Many, including us, said that OTT’s biggest shortcoming was that it did not offer live sports. BT has assembled three “channels” of live sports that include “must see” live games plus news and analysis.


-Chromebooks are quietly creeping up in popularity — four of the six best-selling notebooks on Amazon and 3.3% of the back-to-school market. Can Chromebooks do to Microsoft what Google’s Android has done to Apple in tablets and smartphones — take a majority share of the market?


– Sony and Microsoft go head to head in streaming video apps on their new gaming consoles. Microsoft’s Xbox One has more content apps, but Sony’s PS4 is $100 cheaper and has already launched. Sony sold 1 million devices in the first 24 hours. Microsoft’s Xbox One will debut this Friday.


– More content is exchanged between media companies and YouTube. NBC has tapped YouTube celebrity Shane Dawson to head up his own show on broadcast television, and France’s Canal+ is putting content from four of its pay TV channels on YouTube.


– Artists connect with fans in live streamed concerts. A growing number of artists are taking advantage of the online video boom by live streaming small concerts directly to fans’ living rooms.


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