In This Week’s Edition – November 22, 2013

Sony’s Crackle Asserts Itself as Next-Gen Multi-Platform Entertainment Service

-Boasts of 50 Million Registered Users Worldwide

-Is Available on 20+ Device Platforms

-Has Million Dollar Original Series, Too

Sony’s best kept secret, its global, ad-supported OTT service called Crackle, has transformed itself into a full blown online entertainment service that rivals Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in terms of content and viewers.

Sony acquired online video network Grouper and rebranded it as Crackle back in 2007. It offers a selection of Sony movies and TV shows to stream for free. The service initially began as a digital host to Sony’s catalog films and TV shows, but over the past six years has blossomed into a multi-screen, over-the-top entertainment “channel” – well suited for an emerging living room filled with Internet connected devices…Full story here.


Intel’s New NUC Is World’s Most Powerful Net-Top Box

– Priciest Too at $660

– Uniquely among NTBs It Runs iTunes and Every Other PC App

It seems that every CE maker has a net-top box (or streaming media player or smart TV adapter or whatever they’re called) from the Apple TV to Google TV to Roku and every Blu-ray player. The one that Intel has launched, called a NUC for Next Unit of Computing, is unique for several reasons:

– It’s a very powerful PC in a tiny 4-inch by 4-inch box that runs Windows or Linux.

– It’s a DIY product that electronics hobbyists assemble with components such as solid-state drives (SSDs) that they purchase separately.

– It’s tiny — about the same as an Apple TV.

– It runs iTunes, uniquely of all non-Apple net-top boxes.

– It runs any application, including browsers, that a PC can run because it is a Windows/Linux/Chrome PC…Full story here.


Vimeo’s Premium User-Generated Content Model Pays Off

-$40m in Revenue Last Year

-Reappears on comScore’s Online Video Site Rankings for October

Vimeo’s unique monetization model, which enables users to charge whatever price they want to viewers for access their videos, has received a number of accolades this week.

Vimeo’s owner, the Barry Diller-backed IAC/Interactive Corp, released new data on Vimeo’s audience metrics. The site has an audience of 100 million unique users, and 400,000 of those are paying subscribers, IAC said…Subscribe for the full story.


Japanese Cableco Upgrades from Hybrid Fiber Coax to All-Fiber

It’s not only telcos that upgrade to all-fiber networks; it’s also some cablecos.

The Japanese cableco Tonami Satellite Commun-ications Television is seeing rapidly increasing demand for faster broadband for “faster downloading, interactive gaming, cloud services and to accommodate the growing number of 4K/8K TVs, tablets and smartphones.” Japan has been the leader in the development and deployment of 4K and 8K video technology.

As a result, it is using Alcatel-Lucent’s fiber optical gear to upgrade its hybrid fiber coax (HFC) to all fiber (FTTH) for its 42,000 triple-play subscribers. The fiber deployment allows Tonami to increase the broadband speeds it offers from 120 Mbps to speeds of up to 1 Gbps to about 2.4 Gbps to customers in the Tonami City area. AlcaLu said the all-fiber network is more reliable than the HFC network…Subscribe for the full story.

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