In This Week’s Edition – December 6, 2013

Who Needs a TV? Two Snapshots of This Industry, Taken 4 Years Apart

By Charles Hall

What a difference four years has made in the OTT/pay TV industry. The differences point out how traditional pay TV has suffered as the OTT services have risen.

In December 2009 — three months before the launch of the first iPad – I spent two boring weeks in a top-rated hospital that unfortunately had terrible TV service, both in terms of video quality and content – it was all SD, and only basic pay TV channels.

So in preparing for another hospital stay, this week I started checking on what I can watch on my iPad. It’s a Wi-Fi only model — no 4G.

Even though I am in the industry, I was amazed at the choices I will have: thousands of shows, many ad-free, most in HD-like quality, including many live shows…Full story here.


TV Isn’t Dying, It’s Evolving

-Demand for Content Is as High as Ever

-New Devices Means New Viewing Habits

-Pay TV Providers Must Adapt or Die

The decline in pay TV subscribers this year can’t be ignored, and neither can the ratings drops. Pay TV providers have had a hard year – deemed “the worst 12-month stretch” by analyst Craig Moffet.

Business Insider published a scathing view of the state of affairs for the TV business this week, in a report entitled “TV Is Dying, And Here Are The Stats That Prove It,” which gained a lot of attention this week for its assertions.

Ignore the hyperbole of the headline. The bigger questions are these: What does TV mean these days? Is it the biggest screen in the room? Is it the content delivered over spectrum or QAM? Does it refer to the shows that are ad-supported, or half hour in length, or scheduled into slots for appointment viewing?…Full story here.


Dijit’s NextGuide Gets New Features Thanks to New Partners

-Second Screeners Band Together to Share Features, Audiences

Despite the buzz they generated in 2012, second screen apps still haven’t expanded much beyond the five million user range, which is why we’re seeing creative partnerships like this one from Dijit Media. It’s become clear among app developers that the ideal second screen app experience for the consumer is multi-faceted, with features that range from browsing TV listings, setting watch alerts and reminders, engaging in social media, learning more about a program and navigating the first screen.

Dijit, which has an EPG app called NextGuide, has partnered with four other second screen and entertainment companies to integrate features, expand user base and audience reach, and enhance user experiences across services. “These are several joint efforts to improve overall product experiences,” Jeremy Toeman, CEO of Dijit, told The Online Reporter…Subscribe for the full story.


Xbox One Takes Lead Ahead of PS4 over Black Friday Weekend

-Older Consoles Still Popular Gifts This Year

InfoScout has reported that Microsoft’s Xbox One was the top selling game console over the Black Friday weekend, taking 31% of console sales. In a surprise, the Xbox 360 was the second best selling console, with a 30% share of sales. That means Microsoft accounted for 61% of Black Friday console sales.

Sony’s new PS4 accounted for 15% of game console sales, as did its predecessor, the PS3. Nintendo’s Wii U accounted for 6% of sales.

The Xbox 360, oddly, ranked in the top five selling products at Best Buy over the shopping holiday as well…Subscribe for the full story.



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