In This Week’s Edition – December 13, 2013

Simplestream Delivers Live Streaming and Catch-Up TV for Broadcasters

-Tapped by Niche Channel for OTT Network

Simplestream will tell you 2013 was a good year to be in the multi-screen solution business.

“Broadcasters now have all suddenly come around to the fact that they need to be cross platform,” Dan Finch, commercial director at Simplestream, told The Online Reporter…Full story here.


ITU Approves as Broadband Standard

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) members have reached first-stage approval of, the hybrid fiber and ADSL2 technology that delivers up to 1 Gbps speeds over existing copper wires. is used in fiber-to-the-distribution point (FTTdp) architecture that can deliver fiber speeds over telephone wires up to 250 meters from the distribution point.

The first-stage approval means chip makers can now begin scaling up development and testing of chips. ITU said it will finalize the standard possibly as early as April 2014…Full story here.


The Curious Case of Amazon Prime

-Aggressive Content Acquisition Strategy Pays Off in Titles
-Now Has 17m Subscribers, But How Many Watch Video?

We’re getting mixed signals from Amazon. One minute, CEO Jeff Bezos is referring to Prime as a shipping and delivery service, the next minute, we’re reading about Amazon paying top dollar for coveted OTT content.

On paper, Amazon has all the check marks it needs to operate a challenging international entertainment network across the US, UK and Europe.

-It has the content. It has a lot of content, in both the UK and the US.

-It has devices. Amazon has sold something around $4.5 billion in Kindle Fire tablets to date, according to Morgan Stanley estimates. Amazon said its new Kindle Fire tablets were the best-selling item on during the Black Friday shopping weekend.

-It has a huge user base. Millions of people visit every day, and that means existing billing relationship…Subscribe for the full story.


DirecTV Sees Opportunity to Woo Viewers with the Second Screen

-New Partners Include LiveClips and i.TV

DirecTV announced two new partnerships with second screen apps this week, aimed at boosting online platform experiences for its viewers. DirecTV said it’s hoping to bring new features to its service that will “wow our customers and define the next stage in the evolution of the television experience, especially in an evolving mobile world,” according to Tony Goncalves, SVP of digital entertainment at DirecTV…Subscribe for the full story.



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