In This Week’s Edition – January 3, 2014

Sckipio CEO Says Gear to Be Available in 2014

– Already Working with Major Telcos
– Company Gets $10m to Produce Chips

Israel-based Sckipio Technologies said last month that four venture funds — Gemini Israel Ventures, Genesis Partners, Amiti Capital and Aviv Ventures — have invested a total of $10 million in it for the purpose of funding its producing broadband chips. The implications of the story go far beyond that announcement because every residence worldwide that is connected to a copper telephone wire will be impacted when it comes to the speed of broadband that’s available to them. Telcos far and away still connect to many more residences than cablecos., recently approved as a standard by the telcos’ favorite standards body ITU-T, is said to be capable ultimately of allowing telcos to offer speeds up to 1 Gbps via existing copper telephone wires that have a fiber connection within about 250 meters of the residence. will allow telcos to avoid or at least postpone installing fiber all the way to the home, a very expensive and time-consuming task…Full story here.


2014 Will Be the Year of 4K Content

-Amazon Studios Now Shooting Original Series in 4K
-Netflix to Stream ‘House of Cards’ in 4K
-YouTube to Demo 4K Video at CES

Any 4K naysayers may want to begin eating their words. Three top OTT services, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, are now publically committed to 4K video. We at The Online Reporter long ago predicted OTT services would be the first to deliver 4K to the home in quantity, and it looks like we were right.

It’s looking like 4K adoption across the board will ramp up in 2014. Lack of content is often pointed to as an obstacle for 4K TV sets, but 4K content will be “must-see” in 2014…Full story here.


Xbox Ramps up Original Content Acquisition

-Three Series Are in the Works

Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios (XES) has acquired the first three of what it promises to be multiple original series.

Online original content platforms are crowding the OTT space these days. Sony, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu are all exploring the content side of their respective services, to varying degrees of success.

At the Tokyo Game Show last year, Microsoft couldn’t help but boast about Xbox One’s future content releases. Phil Spencer tantalized speculators when he mentioned the company is working on “hundred[s] of TV ideas,” in an interview during the show…Subscribe for the full story.


OTT Trends to Look Out For in 2014

Here’s a quick look at some of the trends we’ll see this year in OTT services and devices.

-Lines between PC, tablet and TV screen will continue to blur. Consumers are only getting more comfortable watching long content on smaller screens. The past year has seen an explosion of budget tablets. As consumers become more and more dependent on having a larger, mobile screen with them, they will begin to use tablets for more diverse functions.

-Everything will move to the cloud. Entertainment, computing, personal data and media – it will all move to the cloud in 2014. We’ll also see Microsoft get more serious about Sky Drive, and Apple and Amazon will ramp up their consumer cloud storage services…Subscribe for the full story.



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