In This Week’s Edition – January 10, 2014

NanoTech Showcases $299 4K OTT Player at CES

– Upscales HD to 4K
– Works with any 4K TV Set
– Has a 4K OTT Service Also
– Delivers 4K Over-the-Top at 6 Mbps and Faster

NanoTech Entertainment caught unassuming CES attendees unawares with its 4K media player and 4K OTT service.

NanoTech is a technology company that started out in the gaming industry, but has since transitioned to the entertainment and digital media space. The company has six technology business units that focus on gaming, IPTV and mobile apps.

“When the Roku came out, we saw that as a paradigm shift for how TV is being watched,” David Foley, founder and senior technologist at NanoTech, told The Online Reporter at CES. “We started investing in technologies for over-the-top.”… Full story here.


HomePlug Takes Aim at Asia & Becoming Embedded in CE Devices

– New Partners and Products Announced at CES
-First AV2 MIMO Chipset Products Unveiled

The HomePlug Alliance made some noise at CES by announcing new member companies that it says “underscore the global reach of HomePlug technology and the increased opportunity presented by expanding applications.” Two things stand out:

– Embedding HomePlug into the device, which means that when the user plugs it into the electrical outlet, it is also on the home’s powerline network. No additional cables are needed. Think TV set or router!

– Inclusion of 1905.1, now called nVoy, into HomePlug means the device can seek the best network path available — Wi-Fi, powerline or wireline Ethernet, even MoCA over coax if it’s available in the home…Full story here.


Sony to Test Cloud-based Pay TV Service This Year

– Viacom & Baseball for Sure; Maybe More
– Live TV, Subscription & For Pay Plus DVR Capabilities

At CES Sony took another step towards formally announcing a cloud-based pay TV service that is streamed to the home over consumers’ standard broadband. It includes both a subscription service and a pay-to view service.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai said Sony will start testing a “cloud-based TV service” this year. It will include an unspecified number of live TV channels, on-demand TV episodes and DVR capabilities. Prices were not announced…Subscribe for the full story.


Sigma Designs Lands Taiwan Equipment Maker for Its Powerline Chips

Sigma Designs has landed Taiwan-based powerline equipment maker ST&T for its GH281 and GH200 (MIMO and SISO products) chips. It’s an indication that Asian telcos, most of whose customers live in MDUs, are moving towards the powerline version of

A further indication of the powerline trend in Asia is what Sigma Designs said…Subscribe for the full story.



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