In This Week’s Edition – January 17, 2014

Ono Gives Broadband Subscribers Free OTT

– Follows BT in Offering Free Content to Broadband Subscribers

Pay TV/broadband companies may begin to give away content to get and keep their very lucrative broadband subscribers.

Spanish cableco Ono has decided to give its recently launched OTT service away for free to all its top-end 100 Mbps subscribers who are not currently taking a TV service, according to Faultline. This includes 40 TV channels and VoD content with access from PCs, Apple Macs and iPads and plans to launch on mobile phones and Android tablets in the near future…Full story here.


Rogers Close to Announcing Hulu-like OTT Service

For several years we have predicted that pay TV services would ultimately launch their own OTT services to compete against the likes of Netflix, Hulu and iTunes, which they should and at which they will do well if they execute and market with all the vigor that existing OTT services have.

The Canadian pay TV service Rogers Communications is planning to launch its own countrywide OTT service, according to, which said Rogers has already spent about $92 million (C$100 million) to assemble a library of content.

Netflix is the only major OTT service that’s operating in Canada, which has about 12 million households compared to over 100 million in the States…Full story here.


CableLabs CEO Says 4K Adoption Will Take Years

Phil McKinney, president and CEO of CableLabs, is predicting widespread 4K adoption will be years down the line.

Attendees at CES were eager to hear predictions about if and when the 4K wave will hit. McKinney, speaking on a panel on Ultra HD content, said the transition will be slow.

“We’re not going to see this big hockey stick we saw when we made the jump to HD,” he said. “My personal view is that 2014 will be an interesting year for the price point.”…Subscribe for the full story.


Diverse Opinions on Future OTT Models at CES

-More Companies Will Use OTT Content to Sell Other Things

-New Entrants Will Be Niche-Content Focused

Predictions and speculations about the future of OTT services in the US abounded at CES this year during the panel sessions.

A few industry observers predicted more companies such as big retailers and hardware companies will launch their own OTT services to attract new customers and sell other things.

“For Apple or any of the hardware guys, ultimately the content is used as a Trojan horse to bring people in and buy the hardware,” said Peter Csathy, who heads digital investment and business advisory at Manatt Digital Media…Subscribe for the full story.

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