In This Week’s Edition – January 24, 2014

Verizon Is Best Qualified to Succeed with Intel’s Pay TV Service

– Clearly Has Sights Set on Delivery over LTE

– Questions Remain: Wireless Only, FiOS Only or Nationwide Wireline Broadband?

– Verizon May Now Be on Both Sides of Net Neutrality

Intel has ended its quest to become the first major company with a full blown pay TV service (called OnCue) that’s delivered over other service providers’ broadband by selling the venture on unspecified terms to Verizon, which agreed to hire most of Intel’s 350 or so pay TV staff. Verizon is purchasing all the intellectual property rights and other assets related to the OnCue platform… Full story here.


‘Smart TVs Are a Dumb Idea’

-TV Makers Aren’t Good OS Builders

-Firmware Life Cycles Don’t Match TV Life Cycles

Entone Technologies CEO Steve McKay took a strong position against adding Internet-connected features to smart TVs. Entone is a company that focuses on connected home solutions and hybrid TV.

McKay was speaking on a panel at CES, along with representatives from Marvell, Qualcomm, Rovi, thePlatform and Vevo, who were also panelists. Notably, there were no TV makers present on the panel.

McKay said TV makers should stick to displays. “I have a contrarian and self-serving view on this one,” said McKay. “Your TV should be the best display device you can get with money. It should not have all this other stuff on it.”…Full story here.


Sports May Be Slower to Join the 4K Revolution

-High Action, Live Content Present Obstacles to 4K Delivery

There were some mixed opinions at CES this year about the role sports will play in the 4K revolution. Sports programming is, on the one hand, likely to be a driver of 4K, because it’s the type of content that can take advantage of the enhancements in display.

“Sports in high quality video is what’s going to drive adoption for 4K,” said Henry Derovanessian, SVP of consumer premise engineering at DirecTV…Subscribe for the full story.

The Cloud’s the Thing for TiVo

– Hardware Becoming Less Important

As part of its transition to a cloud-based service, TiVo has laid off five employees on its hardware team, leaving two engineers. Also, all TiVo hardware is made by third-party manufacturers, who in many cases probably do much of the hardware engineering under TiVo’s directions.

Steve Wymer, TiVo’s VP of public relations, made the point that TiVo is increasingly headed to being a cloud-based service. Doing so will make TiVo less reliant on what has been a relatively unsuccessful hardware business — except when DirecTV was buying tens of thousands of DVRs.

Wymer said in a statement, “We continue to balance appropriate levels of staffing and expertise necessary to support our existing hardware business and continue our innovation in hardware platforms and accessories with the need to allocate resources where strategic growth opportunities exist — and there is no doubt that we expect growth in the cloud-based delivery aspects of TiVo’s business.”…Subscribe for the full story.

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