In This Week’s Edition – January 31, 2014

Verizon Moves Closer to LTE-delivered TV

Verizon is talking with makers of home entertainment devices about adding LTE Multicast technology to their TV sets, according to Shawn Strickland, VP for video in Verizon’s video operations at an event in New York where Verizon showed a live feed of the NFL Network on smartphones, tablets and large displays. He said, “We have pretty wide and varied discussions with the CE guys, TV consoles, set-top boxes and others. It’s really looking at the opportunities and benefits, and how it fits on the roadmap.”…Full story here.


Ikanos: Vectoring Is Now

– Expects Quantity Shipments and Deployments in 2014

Vectoring is now, according to Kevin Fisher, Ikanos VP of vectoring (the only such person to have that title that we know) and Arun Hiremath, the company’s marketing director for infrastructure. Ikanos is one of three main makers of vectoring chips along with Lantiq and Broadcom. Vectoring hardware maker Alcatel-Lucent programmed its own vectoring chips during the development and initial deployments of vectoring but is now believed to be buying them…Full story here.


Nagra Shows Off 4K-Centric User Interface at CES

-Designed for Larger Screens and Higher Resolutions

Nagra developed a futuristic entertainment user interface that is optimized for larger, higher-resolution screens. Nagra began demoing the UI, which it calls Gravity Ultra, last year at IBC, and The Online Reporter got a glimpse of it at this year’s CES tradeshow in Las   Vegas.

The interface was demonstrated on a huge Sony 84-inch 4K TV. The user interface was created using HTML5 and Javascript, and the demonstrator was running a Macbook to deliver the UI to the TV screen. The interface is designed for a pay TV STB, and the demonstrator assured us that the same code could be transplanted into a STB…Subscribe for the full story.

Comcast Gives Taste of Internet-Delivered Pay TV with Winter Olympics

 -Subs Can Watch Digital Coverage of Olympics on the TV Screen

Comcast will enable its subscribers to access the digital coverage of the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics on their living room TV screens, using Comcast’s X1 STB. The move is unprecedented among pay TV providers in the US, and is sure to be a popular feature for those that can enjoy it.

Comcast is eager to show off its latest, HTML5-supporting X1 STB in action and off the show floor, and the Winter Olympics is the perfect opportunity to do so. “For Comcast, the Olympics will once again showcase the delivery of new innovation, and will lay the groundwork for businesses well into the future,” the company said on its blog…Subscribe for the full story.


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