In This Week’s Edition – February 7, 2014

Verizon to Be LTE Multicast Capable by Q3 2014

Significance: The infrastructure, both wireline and wireless, that delivers entertainment to consumers in the home and on-the-go is the key element in the growth of digital media. LTE Broadcast has the potential to become a main method for delivering video to consumers — some say THE main method. As such, it could become the main competitor to pay TV and wireline-delivered OTT services. The early (and deep-pocketed) birds will get the worm (must see content like sports) and late comers (second-tier cellcos) will have to make deals with the pay TV services, who will also want to participate. That’s assuming LTE Broadcast works, cellcos deploy it and it’s affordable to consumers.

We asked Verizon Wireless (VW) some questions about its deployment of LTE Broadcast, which it calls LTE Multicast. A Verizon Wireless spokesperson responded… Full story here.



Cablecos & Satcos Will Broadcast in 4K This Month

– HEVC Is Not the Only Path to 4K

Get those 4K TVs ready!

Cable and satellite TV companies will be showing 4K this month (for some broadcasts of the Sochi Winter Olympics) despite the fact that HEVC decompression chips are not yet in pay TV STBs, according to Entropic’s SVP of global marketing Matt Rhodes. That’s also despite Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ claim that OTT services would be the only ones sending 4K videos into the home for five years.

There are three existing possibilities for cablecos and satcos, Rhodes said… Full story here.



Sports Leagues Left and Right Launching OTT Services

-NFL Launches Online Video Network

-As Have WWE and UFC

-Fox Live Streams Its Big Sports Events for Free

The days of Internet-delivered sports content are upon us. The London Summer Olympics back in 2012 – the first “digital Olympics” – seems to have set off a domino effect around the globe, as more and more sports leagues are making content available through an Internet connection, in some cases in lieu of a pay TV subscription.

NFL Launches Online Video Network for Football Fans

The NFL’s new digital network is called NFL Now. It will offer original Web content and curated clips of game highlights, player interviews, and archive footage. None of the full games will be available on the site, which makes sense because there is too much money wrapped up in those games. Some of the videos on NFL Now will be ad-supported, and others may be accessible only after paying a fee, according to Ad Week…Subscribe for the full story



Cost to Deploy LTE Multicast Is ‘Relatively Minimal’

Significance: Now that Verizon has indicated that its wireless network will be LTE Broadcast capable in the third quarter, all of the world’s telcos will be watching. More importantly, so will all the world’s pay TV companies whose fiefdoms will be challenged. So will the world’s providers of content, especially the owners of pay TV channels who supply the pay TV companies with content. They’ll see Verizon and other cellcos’ LTE Broadcast networks as an opportunity to sell more content.

We asked Faultline’s Peter White these questions about LTE Multicast, which Verizon is testing for transmitting live broadcasts such as football games:

– What is the technology capable of?

– What are its limitations?

– What will it cost to deploy?

– How suitable is it for HD video?

– Will it require new smartphones and tablets?

– Will an LTE/11ac modem/router in the home suffice for OTT?

– Where does Verizon stand in its deployment?

White replied:

“Those are indeed the $64,000 questions and it’s too soon to know for certain…Subscribe for the full story



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