In This Week’s Edition – February 14, 2014

Korea’s KT Corp Launches Worlds 1st LTE Broadcast Service

-Three Telcos Have Trialed or Committed to LTE Broadcast

-New Version of LTE Will Increase Efficiency in Broadcast

Significance: LTE Broadcast can and will be used by mobile operators, pay TV providers and broadcasters to compete for subscribers, deliver multi-screen video services and differentiate services

South Korea’s top telco, KT Corp (formerly Korea Telecom), launched the first of what we think will be many LTE Broadcast video services to its mobile subscribers.

The video service, called Olleh TV Mobile, includes two live HD channels of KT’s IPTV service. It is available to subscribers that have Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tablets. Users receive two live HD TV channels of Olleh TV Mobile, without incurring any data charges for streaming video on the channels. KT is using evolved multimedia broadcast multicast services (eMBMS) it developed with Samsung and its radio access network (RAN) to transmit multiple concurrent data streams of video to subscribers with the Galaxy Note 3 tablets. Users will need to download a software upgrade in order to access the video service.

The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) predicts 2014 will be a breakthrough year for LTE Broadcast… Full story here.



ViXS’ New SoC Doesn’t Make 4K; It Makes 4K Better

– Makes OTT Services, Pay TV and the Studios Happy

– Supports HEVC (H.265), New HDMI 2.0 and New HDCP 2.2

Significance: Lots of technology is being developed that will make 4K devices more functional, faster and less expensive — plus more protective of 4K videos. The new technologies will make 4K hardware perform better and reduce manufacturing costs.

Canadian chipmaker ViXS says its new XCode 6400 system-on-chip (SoC) will make 4K TV sets better — as well as set- and net-top boxes and Blu-ray players (when and if they get 4K). ViXS said the XCode 6400 is the first SoC to support the HEVC Main 10 profile, which means it can decode (decompress) 4K with 10-bit color at 24 frames per second (fps) up to 60 fps. As well as supporting the current HDMI 1.4b and High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 1.4, it will support devices with the new HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 when they come to market.

Panasonic is expected to be the first to use ViXS’ XCode 6400 chips — in an upcoming 4K set that’s due out sometime in the first half of this year… Full story here.



FTTH Still Attractive for Community-based Broadband

– Interest in Gigabit FTTH at Local Level Is at an All-time High

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) might not be on the minds of executives at major telcos but it should be on the agenda of leaders of towns, villages and small- to mid-sized cities that want to increase business development in their communities and improve the lot of their residents, according to ADTRAN’s Kevin Morgan, director of marketing and communications, and Kurt Raaflaub, its senior manager of carrier networks product marketing, in an interview with The Online Reporter. Those communities’ political leaders should be thinking about deploying 1 Gbps FTTH networks to ensure that all their citizens have equal access to high-speed broadband, which should be viewed as a utility that’s available to every home, like water and electricity, not merely a luxury for a few — for both “the haves and the have nots.”…Subscribe for the full story.



FilmOn Rebrands Its Technology and Tries Again

FilmOn, suffering an injunction from the courts in the US for its over-the-top antenna TV service, has announced it has a new technology for viewers to use to watch OTA broadcasts. FilmOn said the Teleport Technology “frees consumers to watch what they want, where they want, when they want it,” and it will help independent broadcasters in the US “flourish despite the efforts of the establishment to squeeze their profits out of existence.”…Subscribe for the full story.



Korea’s KT Corp Launches Worlds 1st LTE Broadcast Service

ViXS’s New SoC Doesn’t Make 4K; It Makes 4K Better

The Impact on Competition of Comcast’s Acquisition of Time Warner Cable

Netflix Says Some ISP Speeds Are Decreasing


4K Comes to Smartphones

Crestron Will Do 4K Certifications


FilmOn Rebrands Its Technology and Tries Again

NBC’s Olympics Streaming Solution Receives Mixed Reviews from Viewers

BBC Brings Digital Coverage of Winter Olympics to UK Viewers


Hulu Continues Original Series Spending Spree

Celebrities Turn to Maker Studios for YouTube Fame

NBCUniversal Launches Web Series Spin-Offs of Its Popular TV Shows



Telcos Hell Bent on Path to Vectoring Now and Later

FTTH Still Attractive for Community-based Broadband


Apple to Launch New NTB This Spring

Virgin Media Claims 2m TiVo Customers in UK


Qualcomm on “The Potential for LTE Broadcast”


300 Mbps Mobile Broadband Demonstrated in Finland

Huawei: 10 Gbps 5G by 2020

Viewing on Mobile Devices Increasing Rapidly


European Cellcos Spend Big to Gobble up Footprint


Sales of Tablets to Surpass Notebooks This Year

Declining Sales & Prices Push TV Set Makers toward 4K

OTT Will Spend $3.4b on Original Content by 2017

Nielsen’s Digital Consumer Report: More Time-Shifting and Streaming

Nielsen’s Twitter Ratings and Facebook’s TV Stats


FilmOn’s Alki David: Broadcaster Stifle Progress

FTTH Council’s Seminars for Community-backed FTTH

Disney’s Iger: We’re Bullish on Digital

Competition for Content Is Increasing

Content Keeps Getting Pricier

Sony Confirms Exit from PC Business

Netflix to Stream Disney’s Star Wars’ Animated Series Exclusively

885m Internet-Connected TVs by 2018



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