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Headlines for The Online Reporter 869
It’s All Aboard the FTTH Train in the US
Comcast’s OTT Service Now Offers Netflix Originals
NHK to Demo Its 8K Video Transmission at NAB
SoftBank CEO: Wireless Broadband Can be an Alternative to Wireline

LG Unveils Its Largest Selection of UHD 4K TV Sets
Satco SES Wants to Be No 1 in 4K Channels

Netflix Is Future-Proofing Its Service with ISP Deals
Les Moonves Threatens’ to Take CBS Over the Top
Verizon Has an OTT Platform Ready in the Wings
AT&T Says It’s Thinking of OTT, Too
Disney Sees Its Future Online and Over the Top

China’s Youku Tudou Succeeds in Original Content Strategy
Netflix Grabs Three More Winning Exclusive Content Deals
KoldCast TV Closing Offers Somber Parable for Online Video Platforms

Samsung Uses Sports Content to Differentiate Its Devices

Samsung Joins Crowded Internet Radio Market with Milk Music’ Service
Song ID Apps Are Pairing up with Competitive Music Streaming Services
Germany’s Streaming Music Market Doubles in 2013

In the UK, Kids Still Watch a Lot of Live TV
Over Half of Europeans Likely’ to Buy 4K TV Sets

Turner’s Snyder: Children Are Multi-Platform Viewers
Comcast’s Neil Smit Is Surprised by Comcast’s OTT Success
Samsung: 4K Set Sales Will Increase 500% in 2014
HBO Go Downed Due to High Demand during Live Broadcast
Liberty Global: 4K Is Not an Immediate Concern’
Google: We’ve Sold Millions’ of Chromecast Dongles
Cable Offers Double DSL Speeds at Same Price Point
Amazon Raised Its Prime Subscription Fees

The Online Reporter Stat of the week:

Over Half of Europeans ‘Likely’ to Buy 4K TV Sets – A new survey from Strategy Analytics found 55% of respondents in Europe to its survey said they are “likely” to purchase 4K TVs in the next two years. The survey spanned the UK, France, Germany and Italy. Fifteen percent of respondents said they were very likely to purchase 4K sets, and 41% said they were somewhat likely to do so.

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