Song ID Apps Are Pairing up with Competitive Music Streaming Services

As competition among Internet radio and music streaming services heats up, song identification app partnerships have become must-have features among the emerging online music ecosystems.

Earlier this year, song tagging app Shazam partnered with Internet radio service Rdio. The partnership means that an Rdio listener can link his or her Rdio accounts to Shazam, so that when the user tags a song using Shazam, the tagged song is automatically added to a “Shazam” playlist in his or her Rdio account.

The partnership makes the experience of music discovery that much more seamless, and has become a valuable asset to a music streaming service. That’s why Spotify and SoundHound have entered into a similar deal.

Last week, music streaming service Spotify teamed up with Shazam rival SoundHound to link the two services. Spotify users can now add SoundHound-tagged songs to a playlist for listening to later.

The SoundHound service is a bit more complex than Shazam. Where Shazam is only able to tag recorded music, SoundHound attempts to identify the song no matter the source, whether recorded or live. Users can even attempt to sing to the app to identify the song.

These partnerships are important because they close the gap between terrestrial or satellite radio stations and on-demand…

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