FiberHome Uses Lantiq Chips in New LTE In-Home Gateway

FiberHome Uses Lantiq Chips in New LTE In-Home Gateway

The Online Reporter has been reporting for two years on the coming availability of LTE as a home’s sole broadband service. Here it is in a product from FiberHome Technologies that uses Lantiq’s LTE gateway chips.

FiberHome Technologies Group will use Lantiq’s GRX288 broadband network processor in a gateway that allows in-home access by any Wi-Fi capable device to an LTE network as the home’s sole broadband service. The product is aimed at the Chinese market for areas where wireline broadband is not available or is inadequate, but where LTE is available.

That’s a description that could also be used for large areas of North and South America plus Europe and other countries in Asia in addition to China.

FiberHome’s New LTE Gateway Uses Lantiq’s Network Chips 

The two companies said the new gateway is “a high performance and cost effective fixed LTE broadband service solution for the Chinese market” where LTE growth is increasing substantially.

The FiberHome unit supports CAT 3 LTE so the maximum download speed is 100 Mbps, a speed that is shared with other gateways and portable devices that are on the same LTE cell. The unit supports the 11n version of Wi-Fi, but the 11ac version might be added to future models. That means any Wi-Fi capable device in the home — smart TV, tablet, PC, smartphone and smart appliance — can access the Net. It also has other typical “entry-level” home gateway features such as telephony, Fast Ethernet ports for wireline connections and USB.

Lantiq CEO Dan Artusi said that Lantiq’s network processor will help FiberHome “address the growing market demand for 4G/LTE.” He said it would provide “the highest LTE throughput at the lowest CPU load.”

Li Chang Chun, general manager of FiberHome’s terminal product group, said the fixed LTE Gateway “opens new market opportunities for both companies.”

Lantiq’s Christoph von Schierstädt said, “This FiberHome LTE Gateway is quite a success, because it’s a door opener to the Chinese domestic market for us. We can actually deliver excellent quality but at the same time be very cost competitive and thus become attractive for Chinese customers.” This is a pure LTE Gateway. It only connects the subscriber via LTE — like when you connect with your mobile phone to an LTE cell. But this device is for bringing high-speed broadband data wirelessly to the home.

In general there are two types of LTE gateways, pure LTE like this one that FiberHome makes and hybrid LTE/xDSL gateways that also support telcos’ xDSL broadband networks…


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