Broadcom’s DSL SoC with Vectoring, Bonding & 11ac Wi-Fi Brings Smiles to Telcos

Broadcom has been shipping to the telcos’ box makers a DSL SoC (the BCM63168 xDSL IAD) that supports on a single chip VDSL2 bonding and vectoring for broadband together with a chip (the BCM4360) that supports the 11ac dual-band version of Wi-Fi and wireline Ethernet for home networking. It enables new applications and services for whole-home triple play connectivity and automation plus simultaneously streams high-quality HD video to multiple wireless devices such as tablets, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, laptops and smartphones.

ZyXEL Communications, D-Link and others are reportedly shipping equipment with the Broadcom DSL SoC and 11ac chip.

Boxes with the chipset will appeal to telcos that are put off by fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) because of the cost of its deployment. Most now see vectoring and bonding as a way to offer broadband 100 Mbps or so speeds over their existing last-mile copper wire networks. It will enable telcos to compete against the cablecos’ faster DOCSIS broadband technology with speeds that are fast enough for most homes, at least for now.

With vectoring and bonding, telcos only have to deploy fiber to the neighborhood or to an MDU, a much less expensive and time-consuming proposition.

Telcos like having Wi-Fi built in because it allows their subscribers to quickly connect all their Wi-Fi devices — and the 11ac version of Wi-Fi future proofs the gear for telcos and their subscribers. We expect that smartphone and tablet makers will start incorporating 11ac into their products by mid-year. There are unconfirmed rumors that …

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