Marvell Targets Europe, South America & Korea for

Marvell Targets Europe, South America & Korea for

– Portugal Telecom & SK Telecom Are Already Field Testing

You can follow the’s crowd global quest for services providers by tracking the equipment makers they land deals with and where they are located. Most of them so far have been in Asia. Now they are expanding into Europe. May we remind that having a trial in a service provider is not the same as having a system-wide commitment. It is a major step, however, because service providers don’t make a commitment to field testing a new product unless it is fairly certain it will fully deploy the product if the test proves it can do what is claimed.

Marvell has announced two wins with equipment makers — one in Spain with a strong presence in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and the other in South Korea. Announcing wins at equipment makers is always a good indication that the equipment maker has a commitment for at least a major field trial with a service provider.

Europe-based Blu-Castle said it will use Marvell’s chips in its products for the “Connected Home.” The company supplies telecommunications gear for residences and businesses.

Marvell said Blu-Castle’s gear is in test at Portugal Telecom. Blu-Castle is heavily focused on Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. It has sales and support offices in Spain, Brazil, Mexico and the UK.

Blu-Castle’s Tower-MVG01f product is a powerline adapter with filtered pass-through socket that can reach transmission speeds of up to 800Mbps. The fact that it’s powerline is another indication that the big home networking market in Europe and Latin America is likely to be over powerline rather that over coax. and HomePlug are the powerline contenders.

Blu-Castle CEO Harold Fitch said, “Bandwidth requirements in the home network are still growing dramatically as new technology provides new content, requiring a constant increase in transmission capacity, which makes home networking one of the most exciting markets in telecom and consumer electronics industries. With standard reaching maturity, we expect to see a growth in the demand of Home Networking devices.”

It’s certain that it’s Portugal Telecom and probably other telcos’ desire for led Blu-Castle to produce gear. It certainly was demand from the consumer market, at least not yet. It’s likely that Portugal Telecom is also testing gear from other manufacturers.

The Blu-Castle Tower-MVG01f includes:
– MIMO 2×2 implementation for maximum speeds where installed in residences that have a three wire electrical cable.
– Optimized for performance in high density Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs).
– Green economy features with a power saving mode.
– Full IPv6 compliance.
– End-to-end 128-bit AES encryption using CCMP protocol.

In November 2012 Marvell became the first chipmaker to achieve the ITU-T compliant silicon certification from the HomeGrid Forum.

South Korea Too

South Korea-based Netwave has selected Marvell’s chipset for its powerline to Ethernet adapter, the NPA-100. Netwave said adapter is the first home-networking product available in Korea and is specially targeted for the service provider market. It jointly developed the product the Network Technology R&D Center of the giant Korean telco SK Telecom, which is currently field testing the product.

Sean Lee, Netwave director, said, “ provides unparalleled connectivity performance that is unmatched in the industry today,” perhaps comparing over powerline to HomePlug. He said the company “is confident that we are providing the best communications platforms for the delivery of high-bandwidth multimedia applications.”

Netwave supplies gear to other South Korean service providers such as SK Broadband, LGU+, KT and various cablecos. In addition to, it also produces MoCA and Wi-Fi gear. Netwave did not mention HomePlug.

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