World’s First UHD Broadcasts Start in Korea

Ultra HD broadcasting has started in Korea on a pay TV channel called U-max. It will broadcast four hours of UHD shows five times per day, including cartoons, documentaries and live concerts.

“We started broadcasting in ultra HD for the first time worldwide, after a test run last July,” said Minister of Science, ICT & Future Planning Choi Mun-Kee at a ceremony at the International Convention Center on Jeju Island to mark the beginning of UltraHD broadcasts. “This will affect related areas, including electronics and equipment makers, as well as the content industry.”

Mun-Kee’s prediction is expected to become true in the US and Europe although it will be OTT services and satellite TV service that start “broadcasting” first, not pay TV services or local stations.

U-max plans to secure 200 hours of UHD shows this year plus invest $310 million into obtaining more by 2016. It also wants to broadcast in UHD major sporting events including the upcoming FIFA World Cup and the Asian Games. The cable TV industry plans to invest $5 billion by 2017 to upgrade its infrastructure to be UHD-capable.

Until its infrastructure is UHD-capable, it will broadcast in a format that does not require STBs. It will begin shipping UHD-capable STBs by year end. Viewers also need…



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