Samsung Retreats on Smart TV Apps

Samsung won’t continue to sell apps on its smart TVs and Blu-ray players, and has even offered refunds to viewers who purchased some apps. Samsung, like other smart TV makers, offered OTT services via paid smart TV apps to act as channels for the connected viewing experience. The result has been an incredibly fragmented and frustrating smart TV app market.

Paid apps for smart TVs haven’t been very popular, and part of the problem is that the smart TV makers aren’t invested in managing an app ecosystem, or keeping the apps up to date. Smart TVs don’t have the same life cycles as other app-centric products such as tablets, smartphones or even net-top boxes, which means that smart TV apps quickly become out-of-date and cannot be updated. It makes more sense for a consumer to purchase the best TV set display he or she can, and then use other, less expensive connected devices, whether net-tops like Apple TV or game consoles like Xbox One, to house all the apps.

Roku has another idea. It wants to be the standard operating system for smart TVs. It already has partnered with…

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