Cox Touts ThinkAnalytics’ Recommendations at The Cable Show

Cox Communications held a presentation at The Cable Show last week, outlining the success it’s seen with personalized recommendations and its iPad app. Cox integrated ThinkAnalytics’ recommendation solution into its set-top box and TV Everywhere iPad app, formerly Trio but now called Contour.

“We found content discovery really did resonate as a value driver,” said Steve Necessary, VP of video product development and management at Cox, during his presentation. “Things like search are important, but really wasn’t enough. When you consider the hundreds of channels of linear content and tens of thousands of hours of on-demand content, we had really created our own paradox of choice.”

Cox first introduced the recommendation engine to its pay TV subs in 2012. The solution delivered up to eight different personalized profiles per household, making Cox the first US pay TV provider to offer recommendations for each member of a subscriber household.

“What they saw from the launch, immediately, was an increase in the number of channels viewers were watching,” Peter Docherty, CTO of ThinkAnalytics, told The Online Reporter.

Cox said its viewers averaged 22 channels before introducing the recommendation engine. In the first 12 months of offering personalize recommendations to viewers, the average jumped up to 29 channels. Video on demand viewing increased 20%, total hours spent viewing also increased, and Cox said it saw churn reductions.

“That’s a thirty plus increase in the number of channels they’re watching,” Docherty said. “That’s really showing people are getting value for their money. We’re seeing that across our customer base.”…

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