Tensions Mount between OTT Services and Broadband Providers over Internet Speeds

-Netflix Blames Verizon for Slowing Streams
-Google Joins in ISP Public Shaming

“The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting video for smoother playback.”

That’s the message Netflix is reportedly flashing subscribers on Verizon’s broadband network when it pauses the video to buffer, according to a Twitter user who posted the message on Twitter this week.

It’s another sign of the increasingly tense relations between OTT services that depend on broadband networks to deliver their services to consumers, and the companies that spend millions to build and maintain those broadband pipes the OTT service depend on.

Netflix hasn’t been shy about its feelings on the matter. Last week, Netflix CEO made comments indicating it thought Comcast and others are double-dipping by charging consumers for broadband access and charging Internet companies to access those broadband networks.

Google is the latest Internet giant to weigh in. This week it joined Netflix in ranking ISPs based on their broadband network performance. The Google Video Quality Report offers Internet performance metrics based on location and provider, enabling consumers not only to see how well their Internet is performing, but also how well it performs in comparison to other providers. Google’s report is different from Netflix’s ISP rankings, which are based on its own data.

Google collects data from YouTube video loads and geographic location. “We look at how quickly all YouTube video data was loaded over the last 30 days,” Google said on the Video Quality Website. “We determine what the minimum available speed was at least 90% of the time.”

The report rates ISPs as being…

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