Prices of 1080p HD Sets Continue to Decline, Is Seiki the Next Vizio?

Here is the answer to: why should I buy a 1080p TV when for about the same price that I can buy a UHD TV?

Makers and resellers of 1080p HD sets are drastically reducing their prices — still.

Seiki makes a pretty good TV set, based on what people that have one have told us. Seiki is certainly setting the pace when it comes to prices such as these at the regional US electronics retailer HH Gregg:

Seiki Model Retail Price in $s
40-inch 1080p LED 249.99
32-inch 720p LED 169.99
19-inch 720p LED 89.99

Seiki and the coming of lower cost UHD sets is driving down prices of name-brand 1080p HD TVs from the likes of Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Sharp. Their answer to why should I buy a $1,499 1080p HD TV when I can get a 49-inch UHD TV for $1,499 is to lower the price of 1080p sets.

Model Retail Price in $s
(all are 1080p LED; none are 3D)
Toshiba 40-inch 349.99
Samsung 40-inch smart TV 449.99
Sony 40-inch smart TV 479.99
Toshiba 50-inch 499.99
LG 42-inch smart TV 599.99
LG 47-inch smart TV 749.99
Sharp 60-inch Aquos smart TV 899.99
LG 55-inch smart TV 1,049.00
Sharp 70-inch Aquos smart TV 1,499.99
LG 65-inch smart TV 1,599.99
Please note: Out of the 22 TV sets shown in the mid-week HH Gregg flyer, only one is a Sony.

There’s almost no need to buy a smart TV these days, what with a glut of choices in streaming net-top boxes that sell for less than $100 from the likes of Apple, Roku, Amazon, Sony and its new $99 NTB, Google’s Chromecast and others. But that’s a discussion for another time.

One other point: Looking at recent 4-color flyers from both Best Buy and HH Gregg and visiting their stores, it seems that the two are…

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