Broadband Forum: Vectoring Has Arrived, Been Tested & Is Being Deployed

– Happened Faster Than Thought Possible

Broadband Forum chairman Kevin Foster said in his opening talk as chair of TNO’s DSL Seminar this week, “Vectoring has gone from the drawing board to vendor product, trials and deployment faster than most in the industry thought possible, but now is the time for steady progress in deployment with the use of industry best practice in standards and testing.”

In short: vectoring has arrived, been tested and is being deployed. Vectoring technology allows telcos to provide broadband speeds of up to 100 Mbps by extending the range of their fiber networks to within about 1,000 meters of the home.

Foster said the problems of uncanceled crosstalk has been a barrier to mass market adoption but the Forum has led to a range of documents to guide telcos toward successful deployments.

Telcos need vectoring to work in order to compete against cablecos faster DOCSIS broadband, make subscribers happy and keep regulators off their backs.

The documents spell out how to avoid or mitigate the impact of uncanceled crosstalk on the performance of vectored lines.

As we reported last November, xDSL test equipment provider Telebyte is working with the University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) in its testing lab for VDSL2 vectoring. Tests of equipment manufacturer’s VDSL2 vectoring gear are conducted there to see if they meet the Broadband Forum’s TR-249 standard. Foster said the test lab is “the first of its kind to address the need in the industry for independent VDSL2 vectoring testing services.”

Foster said vectored VDSL2 is such an important advancement because it “empowers service providers to support the bandwidths required for higher value premium services over their existing copper-based networks.” 

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