Intel Was Right about Flood of Low-Cost Tablets

Intel was right when it predicted a coming flood of low-cost tablets that used its microprocessors. Last weekend, Office Depot was offering for $99, normally $129, an Apex brand 7-inch, 16GB tablet from TMAX Technologies, which also makes TV sets. An 8GB version is available for $84.99 on Amazon.

The Apex tablet uses Android, of course — well maybe not so “of course” because Microsoft is giving tablet makers for free the RT version of Windows for use on smaller-sized tablets.

The Apex is a very usable and useful tablet. It uses the KitKat 4.4 version of Android and has all the features and functions most people would want, including front and rear cameras (2.0 and 5.0 megapixels respectively), voice commands, micro USB and memory card slots, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With free Wi-Fi hotspot networks spreading rapidly, it can connect to the Net almost anywhere.

It’s a good viewing device for watching Netflix and other OTT services when a TV or larger tablet is not available or convenient. It has enough power — Intel’s 1.2 GHz Clovertrail microprocessor — to handle most tasks a person would want to do on a tiny tablet.

The Apex tablet is a good buy for anyone looking for a low-cost tablet, say maybe for a younger child, to leave in the bedroom, comparison shopping ventures (it fits in a purse or men’s pants pocket) or carry on a trip. It would be great for outdoor workers who might damage or lose a tablet.

Apex and other such tablets are a real problem for makers of higher priced tablets, such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. Consumers are less likely to buy their tablets as a second tablet. Everyone needs two tablets, don’t they? At these prices, buying a second one is almost a no-brainer.

One thing that became evident after buying the Apex tablet is that there is not very much of a replacement market for tablets…

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