AirTies Monitors & Unclogs the Home’s Wi-Fi Network

Faster broadband does not necessarily mean the better the video quality in the home because balky Wi-Fi networks often clog up the path from the gateway/router to the viewing device. AirTies Wireless Networks says it has developed new technology that can diagnose and solve that problem — diagnose and unclog the home’s Wi-Fi networks.

AirTies, which makes wireless and OTT/IPTV products, has a new version of its Wi-Fi Mesh wireless routing technology, which will allow broadband and pay TV services to monitor in real time the range and strength of the home’s Wi-Fi signals.

AirTies has an installed base of over 10 million devices worldwide.

Its new iPad app shows all wireless connections in the home and how packets are dynamically routed between Mesh access points (APs) as well as the performance and signal strength over each wireless link. Each AirTies device can now collect and transmit statistical data to a cloud system that will in time enable service providers to remotely monitor the Wi-Fi performance taking place in their subscribers’ homes.

The company said its Mesh technology addresses the problems of poor Wi-Fi coverage and the consequent low quality of video streaming. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi where a single AP is in the gateway/router, AirTies deploys multiple APs that intelligently route the packets along the best path. It said its Mesh technology “offers flawless coverage over multiple floors and between rooms without incurring performance losses from low capability mobile devices (the ‘bad apple’ phenomena).”

Its technology continuously monitors the home’s environment for potential interference or radar and then intelligently selects the best channel for providing the best possible video quality to every Wi-Fi connected device in the house.

AirTies chairman and cofounder Bulent Celebi said, “Many pay TV and broadband services are still struggling to deliver high quality video over wireless …


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