New Calix Gateways Provide Fastest Wi-Fi & 1 Gbps Wireline Home Networking

Calix says new technologies allow broadband networks to extend their reach beyond traditional demarcation lines at a point in the home — the modem — and into the entire subscriber home. This location has emerged as the most strategic location in the broadband network and becomes the heart of the gigabit experience for the subscriber.

Equipment maker Calix says its new fiber-based 844G and 854G GigaCenter gateways will transform the way gigabit broadband services in the fiber-connected home are managed and delivered both to and within the home. It said they are “the first fiber products in the world to unleash the power of carrier class Wi-Fi in the home, delivering unprecedented in-home wireless broadband coverage, quality of service, and speed.” In addition to providing the fastest Wi-Fi speeds and ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage to Wi-Fi connected devices, both mobile and fixed, throughout the home, they also provide symmetric broadband data rates up to 1 Gbps to wireline-connected devices.

The service providers, typically telcos that have deployed FTTH networks, put their own brand and label on the Calix gateways.

The Calix gateways have the latest wave 2 version of 802.11ac, which provides 5 GHz band Wi-Fi technology with 4×4 MU-MIMO and beamforming. The speeds allow Wi-Fi to be used for delivering high-definition video to TV sets and mobile devices.

It said the gateways serve as “an extension of the broadband access network.” They establish a new strategic location for service providers in the home, allowing them to quickly introduce advanced broadband services and network functions virtualization (NFV), and dramatically change the deployment economics of services like IPTV while maintaining extensive control and visibility.

Calix said, “Testing of this technology has shown that the combination of less interference with concentrated power means that GigaCenters can reach virtually ubiquitous coverage of even traditionally challenging home environments, providing significant improvements over previous technologies, while reliably delivering nearly three times more bandwidth. Armed with the GigaCenters’ enhanced wireless coverage and performance, video service providers like Venture have the potential to accelerate their average number of new video subscriber installations each day by double or more, while simultaneously lowering labor costs, increasing subscriber satisfaction, and reducing time-to-revenue – significantly improving the business case for fiber deployment.”

Randy Olsen, assistant general manager of Venture Communications Cooperative in Highmore, South Dakota, said…

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