Netgear’s Wi-Fi & Ethernet Extenders Are a Preview of the Future

Consumers have grown accustomed to high-quality, flicker-free video and expect it on every device and in every room. They especially expect it from pay TV and pay OTT services. The biggest fear of pay TV services when it comes to their using Wi-Fi is that HD and UHD streams will flicker on TV sets and mobile devices that are connected wirelessly. Consumers don’t want to install Ethernet wiring to every room where there’s a net-top box, smart TV or Blu-ray player — or for that matter a new stereo receiver that needs to be connected to the Net.

Netgear has developed two new products that allow consumers to watch flicker-free video on every device, mobile and stationary, and in every room. Netgear’s MoCA-to-Wi-Fi extender has the industry’s latest wireline home network technology: the 2.0 version of MoCA that comes in chips from Entropic but, unfortunately, the older n version of Wi-Fi. The n version may be okay because it’s mainly for connecting devices in a room or two but not for the whole house. We would expect a future model to have the 11ac version.

MoCA gets the network to the room over a reliable coax wire that’s capable of 500 Mbps. Stationary devices such as TVs, net-top boxes and Blu-ray players can be connected directly to coax. Mobile devices have a Wi-Fi “router” in the room with which to connect.

Netgear’s MoCA-to-Ethernet extender keeps consumers from having to install Ethernet wires to a room that already has coax. It has coax connectors for the incoming pay TV and outgoing to the pay TV plus an Ethernet connector for connecting such things as a net-top box.

Netgear’s motto for the new products is “More Wi-Fi. More range. More devices.” It says the devices are plug-and-play and set up in minutes. There’s no configuration needed with Internet modem/gateway and no software to install. See:

It’s a hybrid configuration we expect to see from pay TV services that’ll need the oomph of a wireline network to deliver…



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