Where Now, HomeGrid?

We have confirmed that John Egan is no longer associated with the HomeGrid Forum and currently is not associated with G.hn in any way. Up until a few weeks ago Egan was also a Marvell employee on loan to HomeGrid. Because Marvell is the largest company making G.hn chips, we expect it to be the most influential in selecting a new HomeGrid president and perhaps select another of its employees.

Marvell has, we believe, received the largest order for G.hn chips, from a South Korean STB maker for use in boxes that Korea Telecom will install in MDUs. If and when any of the Chinese orders for G.hn boxes is announced, China, where Marvell has close connections, will become the biggest user of G.hn chips. Also see: “Marvell Throws G.hn at the Last Mile with 500 Mbps Broadband” in TOR857.

HomeGrid Forum Praises Egan’s Work

AT&T’s Barbara Stark, who serves as the chair of the HomeGrid Forum, signed a blog concerning Egan’s leaving that was posted on Monday September 22: “Thank you to John Egan

“As Chair of HomeGrid Forum I want to give John Egan huge thanks for the amazing job he has done as President of the organization over the past two years. Under his leadership, HomeGrid Forum launched its G.hn silicon and system certification programs, and made key strides towards establishing G.hn as the home networking technology of choice among service providers around the globe. He did all this while ensuring the continued success of HomePNA.

“John’s passion for G.hn, HomePNA and HomeGrid Forum was evident in everything he did, from his evangelization in blogs and trade shows to his participation in standards organizations. His frequent trips around the globe provided that personal touch and attentiveness to the needs of HomeGrid’s members and their potential customers. The energy and knowledge he brought to the job of the presidency was nothing short of astounding. As Chair, I got to see John in action frequently and came to depend on his keen insights and advice to help guide HomeGrid forward.

“John created a solid foundation for HomeGrid Forum that will enable the organization to continue on its path to success. I will miss working with John. His boundless enthusiasm, sense of humor, charm and depth of knowledge make him truly unique and unforgettable. I wish him well as he moves on to new ventures and adventures.

“Thank you, John.


The AT&T Factor

AT&T is a deployer of devices with HomePNA chips and so has a vested interest in HomePNA’s continued success. HomePNA was added to the HomeGrid Forum in June 2013.

Stark is a lead member of technical staff (LMTS) in the strategic standards organization at AT&T. She is known for seeking consensus in developing standards and has been involved in the enhancement of IEEE 1905.1, which makes it easier for different home network technologies to be installed and helps them divvy up tasks. 1905.1 currently includes Wi-Fi, HomePlug AV, MoCA and Ethernet but HomeGrid backers hope to add G.hn and HomePNA. The talk is that the changes being made to 1905.1 will allow other home network technologies to be added to 1905.1 such as G.hn. Other standards bodies and forums that Stark has participated in are the Broadband Forum, UPnP Forum, Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), IETF, National Emergency Number Association (NENA), the Wi-Fi Alliance, HomePNA (on its board of directors) and BITAG. She participated in the creation of the acclaimed TR-069 remote diagnostic and maintenance standard, without which broadband services would have spent many millions sending techs into the home to diagnose and solve broadband problems.

Please note that AT&T has deployed products that use these standards but it has not publically committed to G.hn.

There are two companies that, by selecting G.hn as their wireline home network technology, could ensure G.hn’s success: China Telecom, which has done everything but announce a larger order for G.hn products, and AT&T, which is reportedly examining closely the feasibility of a 4×4 version of Wi-Fi’s 11ac as its technology for whole-home networks…


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