UK Prices of Samsung’s UHD 4K TV Sets Drop Dramatically

– ‘If You’re Needing a New TV, Make Sure It’s A 4K UHD One’
– ‘A Better Real Life Effect Than the 3D TV’s’

It’s hard to convince those that haven’t yet purchased a UHD TV that it’s not the lack of UHD content that’s holding back sales of UHD TVs. It’s price, pure and simple, price (as has been documented by The Online Reporter in various stages of this year). UHD sets with good upconversion technology, like Samsung’s and Sony’s, make all 1080p HD videos look better, much better — and improves most videos that are in lower resolutions. The barrier to the mass market has been the high prices of UHD sets — $2,000 and over. That’s rapidly changing, first in the States, starting at the beginning of summer, and now it’s starting to happen in Europe.

The prices for Samsung’s UHD sets have suddenly dropped dramatically in the UK. Samsung has launched its entry-level 6900 series of UHD sets (equivalent to the 6950 series in the States). There are some differences such as the UK models having Freeview HD & Freesat HD plus the voltage is 220 volts, unlike the States’ 110 volts. Like the 6950s in the States, Wi-Fi is included but not 3D — but then who cares about 3D because 3D fans already have 3D sets.’s prices are:
Size                 UK price          Equivalent US $s
40-inch            £569.50            $915
50-inch            £967.03            $1,550
55-inch            £1,099.00         $1,760


Currys PC World store UK

Currys – retail outlet

Currys, the UK’s largest chain of CE stores now also offers the Samsung 6900 series. Currys’ prices are slightly higher than but we don’t expect that to last very long because buyers will do Web comparisons. In the States the Best Buy checkout clerks will look up Amazon and other Web store prices for shoppers.

The US has more and fiercer UHD price competition than the UK because LG has not yet launched its entry-level UHD sets in the UK and neither Vizio nor Seiki offer their sets there.

‘All I Can Say Is 4K Is Stunning’
Here’s one of the reviews at, edited for grammar. It says what we have been reporting about UHD sets. Please notice that a) UHD content is not needed because upconversion is so good, b) Blu-rays look great and c) it’s a future proof purchase:

“I have had this TV a day now. All I can say is 4K is stunning. There’s not a lot of 4K content around at the moment, but this TV has the YouTube app as well as a lot of other apps and an Internet browser. So I was able to watch the 4K videos from there. The pure sharpness and detail and colors made me feel like I was almost there. And to be honest, a better real life effect than the 3D TV’s I’ve seen without having to wear any glasses, too.

“I watched some footage recorded in UHD from a Galaxy S5 via my Wi-Fi onto the TV and the quality is unbelievable. And to say it’s been recorded with a mobile phone! The video quality doesn’t get better than this. Even my Blu-ray films look better as this TV upscales to make them look even better than standard HD. Even non-HD TV broadcasts looks better but look outdated when you have just been watching 4K stuff for a while.

“This TV has Freeview HD and Freesat HD built in so that’s at least one box less for me under the TV. It has game modes and even a football mode. It also has really good sound quality with lots of sound modes.

“It comes with two remotes: one is a standard remote control that you would normally get and to be honest the only one I’ve used so far. The other is an oval shaped remote that is used for voice commands and other stuff. I can’t really say much more about that at the moment as I’m quite happy using the standard remote (call me old-fashioned). It also comes with a remote extender if needed.

“All I can say is if you’re needing a new TV, make sure it’s a 4K UHD one and for the price I got this 50-inch so there’s no excuse. It’s worth every penny with the 40-inch version coming in at under a grand [in £s]. Netflix is building its 4K content and I’m sure it won’t be long before Sky launches a 4K channel. So why buy a TV that’s not future proof? I fully recommend this TV and so far found no faults at all.”

Even if that was written by a Samsung or Amazon employee, it’s a very accurate description.



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