China Telecom Specifies that TVs Will Have Built In

– TVs from Skyworth, Hisense, Haier, TCL, Changhong, Konka & Others to Come with TVs

Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover but you get some sense of a book by the synopsis and the excerpts from reviews that are printed on the book’s outer jacket. John Egan may or may not have thought of the China strategy for but as president of the HomeGrid Forum he executed it well, at least as we saw it from the outside. Here is more good news from China for from, as translated with some help from Google and edited by The Online Reporter.

China Telecom’s first smart TV, called “pleasure-me,” is the Skyworth model E690C, which includes the powerline version of That means when users plug the smart TV into an AC outlet, they get both electrical power and access via a network to the Net. It’s truly “plug and play,” not “plug and plug and plug and play.” It also has Wi-Fi for connecting mobile devices. The CCTime Web site said the Skyworth E690C TV has superior hardware quality and a perfect design.

It uses an ARM quad-core A94 core processor and has 2 GB of DDR3 memory, which it said can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of the television It also has a top-of-the-line 4K chip to give users ultra-high definition visual enjoyment.

The article definitively says the E690C is the world’s first to have an ITU-T standard chip.

The Skyworth E690C will, it said, bring China Telecom subscribers “information services, including education, health, shopping, games, entertainment and many other applications.” It said it’s a “real smart home entertainment center.”

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According to other sources (none of which is the HomeGrid Forum or any of its members), the first “pleasure-me” STBs from Skyworth will be on the market “in the near future.” When China Telecom calls, TV setmakers respond. Similar capable “pleasure me” smart TV sets are expected from Hisense, Haier, TCL, Changhong, Konka and others.

We have been told that the Chinese phrase “pleasure me” is a dynamite marketing term.

Marvell is said to be the supplier of the chips, not surprising because of its many connections in China.

Yang Jie, general manager of China Telecom Group, said the era of optical broadband services and home networking has arrived.

China Telecom is also the exclusive telco partner for distributing Microsoft’s Xbox One game in China It’s a major breakthrough for Microsoft because Sony is not permitted to sell its PlayStation products in China.

From our viewpoint, this seems to confirm what the HomeGrid folks have been saying about their successes in China because China Telecom has more wireline subscribers than any other telco in the world. If it rolls out the “pleasure me” TVs and service service throughout it fiber footprint, many chips will be sold. Marvell appears to be getting the orders now but it’s expected that a Chinese or Taiwanese maker of chips will begin to get some orders. The China telecom order alone may repay Marvell’s investment in

The Chinese setmakers that will produce …

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