Rabbit TV Gives HD Antennae to Viewers for Free

FreeCast’s online TV service, Rabbit TV, is now offering free HD antennas to users of its service.

Rabbit TV curates video that is available online on broadcaster websites and on other online video platforms. The “service” is delivered via a USB stick, which Rabbit TV sends to its customers. Rabbit TV will now add live sports, news, weather and other live local programming to its service with rabbit ear antennae.

“Cord-cutting is becoming a universal trend, as Millennials come of age with no need for cable TV, and the older generation realizes that they can save money by replacing cable with cheaper alternatives,” the company said. “With Aereo caught up with the courts and regulators, and local TV stations still deciding how to approach the new TV landscape, there’s a lot of uncertainty. Giving our customers free HDTV antennas, for just the cost of shipping, will allow them to enjoy their local TV stations while the rest of the industry waits for those questions to be resolved.”

FreeCast also offers a net-top box called Rabbit TV Select that sells for $99. In addition to accessing OTT services and social media networks, users can check email, make Skype video phone calls and operate their home’s security…

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