M-Go Is the World’s First 4K Digital Download Service

-Beats iTunes, Vudu and Amazon Instant Video to the Punch
-Offering UHD Titles on Samsung 4K TV Sets

Between Netflix’s growing 4K Ultra HD library, Amazon promising to offer 4K content by year end, and now M-Go’s announcement to offer 4K videos for purchase and download, the body of 4K content available to any and every consumer with a 4K TV set and a sufficient broadband connection is growing. Naysayers may not have much longer to claim there’s no UHD content available to consumers.

M-Go, the joint OTT venture from Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation, made history this week by becoming the first OTT download service to offer 4K video. M-Go, which launched in 2012, is widely available on connected devices, and is in fact integrated into Roku net-top boxes as the digital download store.

The 4K titles will initially only be available on Samsung UHD TV sets. The service only offers a few titles at launch, but said it will add new titles each week, and hopes to reach 100 videos in 4K resolution by the year end. The 4K films will be priced $1-$2 more than regular HD titles to rent and $3-$5 more to buy.

“The image quality of M-Go 4K Ultra HD content delivered through Samsung’s market leading UHD TVs will truly impress viewers with unprecedented picture quality,” said M-Go chief operating officer, Christophe Louvion. He said the 4K service offers a “best-in-class streaming experience for movie buffs and TV lovers.”

M-Go didn’t mention which titles would be available in 4K at launch, but noted that the library will include “content that is either authored and post-produced in UHD, or pre-processed from licensed content partner source files and optimized for image clarity, detail and texture on televisions.”

The OTT space is warming up to the idea of launching 4K services. Netflix, the first to market in delivering 4K video services, continues to add to its growing 4K library, including adding “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” in 4K most recently. It also plans to offer a number of its upcoming original series in4K definition, and we’re betting the sequel to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” to which Netflix acquired exclusive rights earlier this year.

Amazon is also working on a 4K video service, though it has faced some delays. It has said previously that it would offer some of its originals in 4K resolution by year end, and may offer other titles in UHD, too.

The partnership with M-GO is another win for Samsung, adding to its recent UHD deal with DirecTV, and a helpful differentiator for Samsung in the UHD set market…

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