The Power & Reach of Free TV Draws a Crowd for

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Consumers lined up a week last Saturday in Washington, DC to get one of 1,000 free TV antennas that will let them watch all the local stations for free. Some waited in line for as long as six hours. Once the giveaway started, it only took an hour for all the antennae to be given away. See the waiting line at:

The event was the first of 25 “Broadcast TV Liberation” events sponsored by antenna maker Antennas Direct, LG (which gave away a 42-inch HD TV) and the association of local TV channels called said the event result in “cord-cutting consumers liberated from pay TV.

The events’ purpose is to “help educate Americans on the convenience, affordability and choice of free antenna TV” and called it “an overwhelming success.”

Antennas Direct’s founder and president, Richard Schneider said, “Today we witnessed the tangible proof of the growing demand for free broadcast TV among American families. The free digital antenna giveaway was a worthy centerpiece of our year-long tour and we look forward to liberating more families in cities across America through the power of free and local broadcast TV.”

Schneider said the company has given away more than 1,500 digital TV antennae over the past two and a half years— mostly in mid-sized markets. The giveaway site in Washington DC, the largest market so far, was the open-air Eastern Market, which has dozens of open-air food and craft stands and draws thousands.

TVfreedom spokesman Robert C Kenny said, “The power and reach of free, local broadcast television was on full display. Hundreds of DC residents learned they can save hard-earned money by switching to a broadcast television option that is free of charge and offers the best picture quality with a multiplicity of program options.” The picture-quality reference is to local stations broadcasting in full 1080p…

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