There is a 36m-Large Market for TabletTV in the United States

Earlier this month, we reported that Motive Television’s TabletTV service plans to expand in the US in 2015. TabletTV is a digital tuner that sends broadcast TV signals to a viewers tablet with which to watch live linear TV.

We and others often wonder out loud how much demand there is for antenna TV on a tablet. A study by Frank N Magid Associates, on behalf of Motive Television, that surveyed 1,000 tablet owners has some answers for us. It estimates there are 108 million tablet owners in the States, making up 47% of the Internet-connected population. It found 33% of tablet owners, about 36 million consumers, make up TabletTV’s target market and would likely be interested to receive live feeds of broadcast networks on their tablets.

“There is a broad market for Tablet TV made up of highly connected media consumers addicted to their tablets,” the study said. “Heavy tablet users are spending hours with their tablet daily, and want the quality of programming to match.”

These tablet owners spend an average of three hours per day watching video on their tablets. Over three quarters of these viewers said they are interested in watching broadcast TV content outside the home and on the go. Respondents also cited local news and sports programming as two large draws for watching broadcast TV, alongside …

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