NanoTech Rocks the Boat with 11 Blockbuster Movies in 4K

– Brand Name Content to Go with Name Brand UHD TV Sets
– Vizio Joins Samsung, Sony & LG with UltraFlix App

NanoTech’s UltraFlix OTT service has announced its first blockbuster movies in 4K:

Plus, according to NanoTech, “100s of more right NOW and 100s in negotiations, being reworked for OTT streaming with enhanced with video compression, adaptive streaming and intelligent bandwidth management technologies.”

One of the upcoming ones will be “The World’s Fastest Indian” with Anthony Hopkins.

When we first reported on NanoTech last January during CES 2014, we predicted great things for it and for 4K/UHD: “NanoTech Entertainment caught unassuming CES attendees unawares with its 4K media player and 4K OTT service.” The 4K blockbusters it’s offering show that NanoTech’s UltraFlix OTT service is a contender with which to be reckoned — much like the lead character in “Rocky.”

Additionally, Nanotech announced that as of December 2014, Vizio is embedding and making available for download the UltraFlix app on Vizio’s line of UHD TVs. That gives Nanotech all four of the biggest players in the UHD TV market:
Samsung, Sony
LG, Vizio

For owners of UHD TVs such as Seiki Digital’s that don’t have a powerful enough processor to handle 4K content or that lack the new HEVC decompression technology, NanoTech offers them its Android-based NP-1 net-top box.

NanoTech now has four main pieces that will make it as successful as we had predicted:
– Availability on all the best selling UHD TVs
– Well-known blockbuster films that will attract the attention of the mass market
– A broad range of UHD content that will attract niche markets
– Technology to convert 1080p and lesser resolutions to near 4K video quality

Hulu, Apple’s iTunes and Walmart’s Vudu have none of those pieces. So now when we list the 4K OTT services, UltraFlix can be seen as a major contender in this new market along with Netflix, Amazon, M-GO and, in Europe, Wuaki.TV.

We think NanoTech will…

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